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WIAA board turns-back bare chest ban proposal

There will not be a statewide ban on bare-chested fans at indoor high school sporting events.

The WIAA's Board of Control voted Thursday to overturn a measure from its Sportsmanship Committee that would have prevented bare-chested fans from basketball and other indoor contests - tournaments included.

The committee said the attention should be on the athletes, not the fans and the paint they wear with their team colors causes clean-up problems.

The ruling affects only male fans.

The WIAA acted on that matter and others Thursday in Green Lake.

They voted to let schools play 22 basketball games instead of 20, starting in 2009, but only if they're all played in-state.

The board rejected having eight teams in all four divisions at the state basketball tournaments. Right now, only Division 1 has eight teams while the rest have four.

The board said it would cost more to run the facilities and there would be so many games that some may not be on statewide TV.