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Favre may go to Tampa Bay; mindset not right says McCarthy

Brett Favre could become a Tampa Bay Buccaneer as early as today (Wednesday).

The Tampa Tribune says the three-time MVP will not stand in the way of a trade from the Green Bay Packers and the deal could be finalized by tonight.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says the two teams have not agreed on what the Packers would get, and it could be a sticking point, but Tampa reporters say there's only a remote chance a trade will fall through and the 38-year-old Favre has told the Bucs he's willing to join them.

The Buccaneers are $26 million under the salary cap, so they could easily absorb Favre's salary of $12 million.

Some of Favre's relatives say they'd rather see him go to the New York Jets, but NFL sources say the Jets now appear to be out of the running.

After meeting with Favre for six hours the last couple days, Packers' Head Coach Mike McCarthy said he believed the 17-year veteran has played his last game in a Green Bay uniform and he doesn't have the right mindset to play there.

"We stood on opposite sides of the fence on a number of issues, and I respect the way he feels, but the one thing that I was looking for out of that conversation was he ready and committed to play football for the Green Bay Packers? And his answer frankly throughout the conversation was his mindset, based on the things that happened throughout this whole course, that's not where he was. So with that, we didn't really move ahead," said McCarthy.

The coach also said that he told Favre that Favre is just one of 80 players on the squad and that the team as a whole had to move forward

"I told him flat and straight, just like I talked about here in the Family Night scrimmage, my whole focus was on he was one of 80. He was on our 80-man roster, and for us to move forward as a football team with his role being defined, frankly where is your mind at?" McCarthy told reporters.

During the press briefing it was clear the frustration of the whole saga was taking its toll on McCarthy.

"OK? I'm not doing the PR thing anymore. I'm coaching the football team. The football team has moved forward, OK? The train has left the station, whatever analogy you want. He needs to jump on the train and let's go, or if we can't get past all of the things that have happened, I need to keep the train moving, and he (Favre) respects that. He understands that," McCarthy said.

Favre reportedly said he didn't want to hurt the Packers' chemistry.

Favre told ESPN's Chris Mortensen he could probably not get over the recent damage, and he blamed the Packers for planting rumors, among other things.

The Packers held firm to their refusal to release Favre, fearing he'd bolt for the division-rival Vikings.

At a meeting at Favre's Green Bay home Tuesday afternoon, team officials reportedly talked Favre into accepting a trade outside the Packers' NFC North Division.

McCarthy said the meetings were, "brutally honest" and Favre could not get past the drama of the last couple months, since he wanted to change his mind about retiring.

Packer players say they're sick of the whole Favre saga, and they look forward to putting it behind them.

Veteran corner Charles Woodson said it wasn't fair for the front office to leave the players in the dark, and making them answer questions about something they knew little about.

Offense struggling

With Brett Favre gone for good, coach Mike McCarthy now has the challenge of propping up a struggling Green Bay offense.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was intercepted three times during Tuesday seven-on-seven scrimmage and that was without defensive linemen in his face.

Running back DeShawn Wynn was back at practice for the first time since getting a slight concussion last Thursday and running back Ryan Grant was on the field for the first time since ending his week-long hold-out.

He signed a four-year contract over the weekend worth $20 million, plus $10-million more in incentives that could be easily be attained if he produces like he did in 2007.

That was when Grant rushed for over a-thousand yards in the second half of the regular season and the playoffs.

Also, defensive tackle Johnny Jolly is expected to return today. He sat out Tuesday after getting a couple teeth pulled earlier in the week.