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Area runners compete in Grandma's Marathon

Grandma's Marathon, run this past Saturday in Duluth, was one of the hottest in the race's 33-year history. In all, 5,853 finished the 26.2 mile race and another 5,604 completed the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon.

Several local runners were among the top runners in their age bracket. That included Brian Maul, who ranked 10th in the men's 50-54 age group. Ariel Berres-Green placed 15th in the women's 12-18 age group.

Local marathon finishers included:

Brian Maul New Richmond 3:22:07

Kenny Boily Roberts 3:30:19

Joe Ailts Deer Park 3:32:09

Amy Stevens New Richmond 3:36:05

Joe Kelzer New Richmond 3:49:45

Hannah Zimmerman Duluth 3:52:24

Heather Barberine New Richmond 3:55:48

Ilisa Ailts Deer Park 3:57:25

Scott Hackel Amery 3:58:48

Jill Charland New Richmond 4:04:22

Brian Autio Somerset 4:05:31

Jeff Johnston Deer Park 4:05:42

Stephanie Hoff Somerset 4:09:36

Anna Larson New Richmond 4:12:40

Jonalee Buckel Hammond 4:28:16

Dennis Malecek Hammond 4:28:16

Gary Schram Hammond 4:35:43

Colton Green New Richmond 4:44:24

Corey Ulrich Dresser 4:47:32

Jolene Burton Roberts 4:48:32

Corey Burton Roberts 4:48:33

Matthew Fjerstad New Richmond 4:56:23

Rhonda Malecek Hammond 5:07:28

Ariel Berres-Green New Richmond 5:10:27

Jill Zukaitis Roberts 5:18:21

Christopher Buckel Hammond 5:20:56

Megan Westhoff Roberts 5:27:35

Tim Adams Deer Park 5:30:03

Beverly Hansen New Richmond 5:31:34

Linda Stefonek New Richmond 5:47:14

Dai Green New Richmond 6:06:57

Local Half Marathon finishers included:

Joy Keller Deer Park 1:32:43

Dan Wells New Richmond 1:37:45

Michael Brose New Richmond 1:40:02

Lars Petersen Madison 1:47.38

Ashley Clark St. Paul 1:48:37

Jesse Mike Minneapolis 1:48:38

Bruce Hanson Houlton 1:58:18

Dana Busch Hammond 2:02:32

Annie Knutson New Richmond 2:02:46

Lee Knutson New Richmond 2:02:46

Peggy Bonte New Richmond 2:10:34

Sue Hellmers New Richmond 2:13:15

Erica O'Hearn Roberts 2:18:30

Gerald Klasen New Richmond 2:22:29

Joel Beskar New Richmond 2:31:01

Jill Beskar New Richmond 2:31:01

Adam Cernohous Roberts 2:31:04

Daniel Shanklin New Richmond 2:34:43

Amber Dunnom Hudson 2:35:37

Selena Schaefer Roberts 2:42:32

Elizabeth Klasen New Richmond 2:51:26

Sarah Klasen New Richmond 2:57:14