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Champions Crowned at the Legendary 100

The final night of the 4th Annual Legendary 100 at the Cedar Lake Speedway provided several entertaining and some dramatic moments.

After two nights of preliminary qualifying action, it had come down to the last chance for many drivers in the Late Models, Modifieds, Super (Pro) Stocks and Midwest Modifieds to make the championship feature races while sixteen drivers in each division prepared for their quest to earn the trophy and title of Legendary 100 champion. The UMSS 360 Sprint Cars were also part of the program for the first time on the fourth and final night of this traditional event. When the final checkers waved in a close finish in the Late Model championship feature race, champions in the five divisions included Andy Jones in the Midwest Modifieds, Tim Borgeson in the Pro Stocks, Ron Schreiner in the Modifieds, Terry Anvelink in the Late Models, and Jerry Richert Jr. in the UMSS Sprint Cars.

Before the final feature races of the evening could be contested for the championship titles, B Main and Last Chance races would help fill out the fields in four divisions. With three B Mains in the Midwest Modified division, the top two finishers in each earned transfer spots. Jeremy Kerzman topped Taylor Leuthner by a nose at the line in the first B Main while Brady Gerdes finished ahead of Josh Muzik by less than a car length in the second B. Adam Archer topped Jason Schill in the third B. Two B Mains in the Super Stocks saw Mike Bellefeuille, Dale Gangl and Steve Thomas transfer from the first one with Shawn Kammerud, Scott Lawrence and Zach Wohlers making their way to the feature in the second B. Three more B Mains in the Modifieds resulted in Mark Hanson over Al Uotinen in the first, Josh Angst finished ahead of Jason Miller in the second, and Les Duellman passed Terry Hanson in the third B. Keith Foss raced ahead of Steve Laursen and Jesse Redetzke in the first Late Model B Main. Rick Hanestad, John Henkemeyer and Scott Gilberts earned transfer spots in the second B.

The last opportunity to earn a starting berth in the championship feature races saw a round of Last Chance Races held in four divisions with the top two finishers moving on. Dan Wheeler and Ronnie Rihn transferred from the Midwest Modified Last Chance Race while 2009 track point champion Greg Nippoldt and Mark Stender advanced from the Super Stock Last Chance Race. Mark Noble and Wayne Stricker moved out of the Modified Last Chance Race to main event with Jake Hartung and Pat Doar earning the final two transfer spots from the Late Model Last Chance Race. The stage was now set for championship feature race action.

The UMSS 360 sprint cars were first up for their 15 lap feature. A small field of cars showed up for their last race of the season with the 2009 point title on the line. Leigh Thomas only needed to start the feature race. Following a win in the heat, Thomas started the feature from outside row two and became the 2009 UMSS champion. Sye Anderson led the first four laps in the feature, but Jerry Richert Jr. blew by Sye on the outside and never looked back. Although Jerry won going away, it was not enough to earn the point title. Following Richert in the nonstop feature was rookie Cody Hahn with his best finish of the UMSS season, inaugural champion Leigh Thomas, Brad Barickman, Sye Anderson, Joseph Kouba, Johnny Parsons III and Kevin Nickel. The fast-paced feature set a 15 lap track record for 360 sprint cars in a time of just over three minutes.

The Legendary 100 title would be decided in 25 laps for the Midwest Modifieds. Jeremy Houle and Andy Jones brought the field to the green. A spin on the opening lap in turn two by young Brady Gerdes required a complete restart. Houle led the opening lap, but raced around him on lap two for the lead. The yellow blinked on again with three laps in when Skeeter Estey stopped in turn four and then headed to the work area to change a flat tire. Josh Bazey and Jason Vandekamp moved past Houle the next lap, but Houle regained the third spot on lap seven. One lap later, Jesse Ogston broke and collected Bruce Belland in turn four. On the restart, Eric Herbison got into Vandekamp with both cars spinning and collecting Ronnie Rihn. Herbison tagged the tail while Vandekamp changed a flat tire. The race then went eighteen laps nonstop to the finish. At the halfway mark, it was Jones leading Bazey, Jason Miller, Houle and Jesse Glenz. On lap 21, Miller moved by Bazey for second with Houle grabbing third the next lap. At the checkers, it was Andy Jones winning his first Legendary 100 title over Jason Miller, Jeremy Houle, Josh Bazey and Jesse Glenz. Completing the top ten finishers were 21st starter Dan Wheeler, Michael Truscott, 20th starter Taylor Leuthner, 15th starter Jeremy Kerzman, and 19th starter Adam Archer.

A caution-filled 25 lap super stock Legendary 100 championship feature was next. The race got underway with pole sitter J. B. Stortz taking the early lead over Rich Bishop. The first of seven cautions slowed the pace with three laps in when Shawn Huse slowed with a flat tire. Two laps later, Larry Boumeester got into Justin Dodge requiring a trip to the tail of the field. The race got stuck on lap five for three consecutive restarts. On the first one, Rich Bishop was charged with a caution for causing cars well back in the field to crash. The second attempt saw Aaron Wilson and Steve Thomas break to bring out the yellow. The third try was not the charm, as Jim Gullikson got into Stortz and collected Justin Dodge and Les Duellman. Finally, the race got back underway again with Shawn Nolan leading Stortz, Jason Schill, Ashley Anderson and Tim Borgeson. Schill moved by Stortz two laps later for second and took the lead from Nolan on lap ten. At the halfway mark the yellow blinked on for debris in turn four. Schill continued to lead on the restart, as Anderson moved to second on lap fourteen. Borgeson raced past Nolan for third on lap seventeen. Suddenly while all alone in second, Anderson spun in turn two with twenty laps scored. On the restart, Borgeson moved under Schill for the lead. Tim Borgeson went on to record his first Legendary 100 victory. Jason Schill, Justin Stahl, J. B. Stortz and Shawn Nolan completed the top five. Rounding out the top ten were Ben Hillman, 18th starter Shawn Kammerud, Les Duellman, Dan Carlson, and 23rd starter Greg Nippoldt.

Another caution-filled race was about to unfold in the 30 lap Modified main event. Ron Schreiner and Bob Timm led the field to the green. The first ten laps clicked by quickly under green with Schreiner pulling out in the lead. Steve Wetzstein, Craig Brightbill, Bob Timm and Darrell Nelson swapped the two through five spots on several occasions. When the first caution waved for a Mike Goodremote spin in turn four, Brightbill and Timm had worked past Wetzstein. Timm stopped in turn three under the yellow with a broken rear end and was out of the race. Contact between Brightbill and Schreiner on the restart saw the leader spin and Brightbill earn a trip to the tail of the field for the next restart. Terry Hanson hit the turn one wall on the next attempt to bring out the yellow again. Schreiner eased away again when the race returned to green, but the cast changed a bit behind him. Darrell Nelson moved up to second and Brent Larson ran third at the halfway mark. Debris on the track sixteen laps in slowed the race again. Over the next ten laps, Schreiner held the lead with Nelson and Larson swapping second back and forth until Wayne Stricker, Les Duellman and Mark Hanson stacked up in turn two. Again Schreiner was in control up front with Larson and Nelson battling for second with Kelly Estey and Jamie Lemke. One more caution with two to go when Mike Kelley Jr got into Mark Hanson. Ron Schreiner held off Darrell Nelson to earn his first Legendary 100 championship in a car with a borrowed motor. Kelly Estey got by Brent Larson with one to go for third while Shaun Kelly completed the top five. Finishing sixth through tenth were Jason Miller, Jamie Lemke, Jeremy Gross, Pat Doar, and Al Uotinen. Following the race, Jason Miller weighed in light at the scales and was disqualified. This moved Mike Kelley Jr into the top ten.

A full field of 24 super Late Models lined up for their 40 lap championship feature to round out the 4th Annual Legendary 100. Brent Larson grabbed the early lead from the pole and looked strong. Terry Anvelink moved by Jake Redetzke and settled into second. Nick Anvelink raced ahead of Redetzke to third on lap three with Cory Mahder in fifth. Terry Anvelink raced to the lead on lap nine while his son Nick got by Larson for second two laps later. Jake Redetzke moved to third on lap fifteen. The race ran green a long way, and at the midway mark it was Terry Anvelink, Nick Anvelink, Jake Redetzke, Brent Larson and Cory Mahder in the top five. Jake Redetzke got by Nick Anvelink for second one lap later. The first caution finally slowed the fast pace with 23 laps in when Adam Hensel slowed on the track. Hensel went to the work area. On the restart, Don Copp spun in turn two and was pushed to the infield. Hensel rejoined the race but dropped out a few laps later. It would be seventeen laps nonstop to the finish then. As Terry Anvelink opened up a bit of a lead over Jake Redetzke, Cory Mahder and Joel Cryderman got by Larson. With the laps starting to dwindle, Jake Redetzke began to close the margin on the leader while Ashley Anderson cracked the top five on lap 36. Redetzke continued to narrow the gap and was soon in contention for the lead as the white flag appeared. Redetzke made a hard charge off of turn four on the final lap, but he came up less than a car length short at the finish line to provide an exciting finish. Terry Anvelink drove to victory as the Legendary 100 champion. For the veteran driver from Navarino, it was also his first win ever at CLS. Jake Redetzke, who had just earned his first-ever CLS win the night before, finished second ahead of Nick Anvelink, Ashley Anderson and Cory Mahder. Completing the top ten finishers were Brent Larson, Joel Cryderman, Mike Nutzmann, Darrell Nelson, and 2009 track champion Rick Egersdorf.

The next event scheduled at the Cedar Lake Speedway will be the 5th Annual Enduro for hornet cars next Sept. 26. The season will conclude the following weekend with the 2nd Annual Badger State Nationals on Oct. 1-3 promoted by FYE Motorsports. For more information, please visit our website at or call 1-866-4CLS-FUN. Cedar Lake Speedway wishes to thank all the drivers and fans for their support at the Legendary 100 and throughout the season. Congratulations to the 2009 Legendary 100 Champions: Andy Jones, Tim Borgeson, Ron Schreiner, Terry Anvelink, and Jerry Richert Jr.

Race Results:

Super Late Model B-Mains (top 3 to feature, with 4-10 to LCR)

B Main 1- Keith Foss, Steve Laursen, Jesse Redetzke, Jake Hartung, John Kaanta, Ronnie Rihn, Mike Bear, Scott Greer, Todd Frank, Steve Hucovski, Rick Nelson, Chuckie DeSmith, Tim Isenberg

B Main 2- Rick Hanestad, John Hinkemeyer, Scott Gilberts, Todd Gehl, Kelly Anderson, Pat Doar, Doug Blashe, Jeff Keeney, Jim Carlson, Bob Slater, Ron Schreiner, Gregg Hill

Late Model LCQ (top 2 to feature): Hartung, Doar, Kaanta, Gehl, Anderson, Hucovski, Bear, Greer, Keeney, Frank, Slater, Carlson, Blashe, Rihn

Late Model A Main- Terry Anvelink, Jake Redetzke, Nick Anvelink, Ashley Anderson, Cory Mahder, Brent Larson, Joel Cryderman, Mike Nutzmann, Darrell Nelson, Rick Egersdorf, Keith Foss, Brad Waits, Chad Mahder, Rick Hanestad, Jake Hartung, Mike Goodremote, Scott Gilberts, John Hinkemeyer, Jesse Redetzke, Eric Pember, Adam Hensel, Don Copp, Pat Doar, Steve Laursen

Modified B-Mains (top 2 to feature, with 3-7 to LCR)

B Main 1- Mark Hanson, Al Uotinen, Jody Bellefeuille, Mark Noble, Doug Gustafson, Robbie Bunkleman, Erik Bjorklund, Mark Froehlich, Marc Johnson, Al Stettner, Dennis Jones, Ted Marrs, Lonnie Louschke, Matt Sinna, Guy Carley, Dave Siercks

B Main 2- Josh Angst, Jason Miller, Jason Gross, Brandon Kallenbach, Scott Hudack, Rick Cannata, Jeremy Kerzman, Jeff Lien, Kevin Rogers, Pat Hoffman, Jason Gross, Kevin Viebrock, Brandon Jensen, Lance Hofer, Brady Peterson

B Main 3- Les Duellman, Terry Hansen, Wayne Stricker, Scott Splittstoesser, Dave Lear, Joey Ogston, Bobby Gierke, Destin Lorimor, Don Brightbill, Jeff Doriott, Rick Rivord, Erik Peterson, Cory Williams, Rick Kobs, Mike Wood

Modified LCQ (top 2 to feature): Noble, Stricker, Bellefeuille, Gustafson, Lear, Splittstoesser, Hudack, Bunkleman, Schill, Cannata, Kallenbach, Bjorklund, Ogston, Gierke, Kerzman

Modified A Main- Ron Schreiner, Darrell Nelson, Kelly Estey, Brent Larson, Shaun Kelley, Jamie Lemke, Jeremy Gross, Pat Doar, Al Uotinen, Mike Kelley Jr., Mike Goodremote, Mark Hanson, Steve Wetzstein, Les Duellman, Wayne Stricker, Craig Brightbill, Josh Angst, Steve Lavasseur, Terry Hanson, Bob Timm, Larry Zellers, Mark Noble, Andy Jones, Jason Miller

Super Stock B Mains (top 3 to feature, with 4-10 to LCR)

B Main 1- Mike Bellefeuille, Dale Gangl, Steve Thomas, Eric Olson, Jeremy Snow, Kevin Ayotte, Al Cleveland, Bruce Schouveller, Josh Bartel, Ashley Donald, Marcel Hoaglan, Marcus Berget, Jeff Heintz, Dave Shackleton, Chad Dawson, Donnie Lofdahl, Mike Bruggeman, Tom Gebauer, John Feirn, Dan Preston, Willy Johnson, Cy Hoaglan

B Main 2- Shawn Kammerud, Scott Lawrence, Zach Wohlers, Greg Nippoldt, Mark Stender, Mike Loomis, Chad Johnson, Joel Collins, Cody Campeau, Jeff Pellersels, Jon Duffy, Kyle Archambeau, Dave Flynn, Tim Williamson, Adam Ayotte, Dave Emerfol, Chuck Hawikinson, Jeff Ruzich, Wayne Harris, Frank Fabio

Super Stock LCQ (top 2 to feature): Nippoldt, Stender, Snow, Olson, Schouveller, Loomis, Collins, Hoaglan, Ayotte, Bartel, Johnson, Duffy, Cleveland, Campeau

Super Stock A-Main Tim Borgeson, Jason Schill, Justin Stahl, JB Stortz, Shawn Nolan, Ben Hillman, Shawn Kammerud, Les Duellman, Dan Carlson, Greg Nippoldt, Larry Boumeester, Zach Wohlers, Cory Davis, Shaun Huse, Mark Stender, Mike Bellefeuille, Justin Dodge, Ashley Anderson, Dale Gangl, Scott Lawrence, Jim Gullikson, Steve Thomas, Aaron Wilson

Midwest Modified B-Mains (top 2 to feature, then 3-7 to LCR)

B Main 1- Jeremy Kerzman, Taylor Luethner, AJ Roschen, Ronnie Rihn, Ryan Bowers, Brandon Hines, Don Craig, Pat McCarthy, Justin Tanner, Kyle Matuska, Jeremy Nelson, Pete Loecken, Ben Anderson, Marlow Fritz, Jeremy Penman, Mike Mueller, Bryan Siercks

B main 2- Brady Gerdes, Josh Muzik, Dan Wheeler, David Swearingen, EJ Heitala, Brett Hoium, Mark Thomas, Terry Inman, Vince Corbin, Cory Bauman, Rick Friendt, Jason Meyer, Rick Pryzbylski, Lonnie Louschke, Jeff Marshall, George Sniezek

B Main 3- Adam Archer, Jason Schill, Dalton Yohnk, Rob Caho Jr., Shane Patrin, Mike Kyllonen, Rich Crear, Mark Pruesser, Eric Oestreich, Travis Anderson, Jason Fall, Loren Inman, Jake Smith, Casey Manor, Shawn Olson, Mike Brenny

Midwest Modified LCQ (top 2 to feature): Wheeler, Rihn, Yohnk, Swearingen, Thomas, Bowers, Caho Jr., Patrin, Heitala, Roschen, Kyllonen, Hines, Craig, Crear

Midwest Modified A Main- Andy Jones, Jason Miller, Jeremy Houle, Josh Bazey, Jesse Glenz, Dan Wheeler, Michael Truscott, Taylor Luethner, Jeremy Kerzman, Adam Archer, Skeeter Estey, Brady Gerdes, Erik Herbison, Robbie Franklin, Jason Vandekamp, Josh Muzik, Alan Bohlman, Ronnie Rihn, Bruce Belland, Jesse Ogston, Dustin Scott, Clayton Wagamon, Jason Schill, Jeff Lien

UMSS Sprint Cars

Heat 1- Leigh Thomas, Jerry Richert Jr., Brad Barickman, Joseph Kouba, Sye Anderson, Cody Hahn, Kevin Nichol, Johnny Parsons III

A Main- Richert Jr., Hahn, Thomas, Anderson, Barickman, Kouba, Parsons III, Nichols