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Grant says contract talks going well; Rodgers softens tone after SI quote

The Green Bay Packers will open their training camp in 26 days and running back Ryan Grant expects to have a new multi-year contract by then.

He told Sporting News Radio the process has been positive and the negotiations are moving forward.

Grant fell just short of 1,000 yards after taking over as Green Bay's featured back in late October of last season.

He's looking for something more than the $370,000 tender offer a player of his experience would normally sign.

Grant showed up for the Packers' off-season workouts and mini-camp, but did not take part in most of the drills.

Rodgers softens tone

Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers did some damage control yesterday.

A Sports Illustrated story compared Rodgers to those who've followed other legendary quarterbacks in the NFL and when the magazine asked Rodgers if he feels pressure to connect to the fans the way Brett Favre did, he said he didn't need to do that.

"They need to get on board now, or keep their mouths shut," the magazine quoted Rodgers.

Of course, that may not sit well with Cheeseheads.

So the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel gave Rodgers a chance to soften his comments and he did.

He told the Journal that he cares deeply about the fans and their opinions, and his record of spending time with them and serving the community speaks for itself.