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Shannon Cody competes in 2012 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

Shannon Cody (left) sprints with another runner as they near the finish line of the Olympic Marathon trials on Saturday.1 / 2
Shannon Cody (center) poses with her mom, Kathy Cody, and her sister, Beth L'Allier, after the Olympic Marathon Trials race on Saturday.2 / 2

New Richmond native Shannon Cody finished with a time of 2:58:54 in the 2012 United States Olympic Marathon trials in Houston, Texas on Saturday.

Cody was one of the oldest runners in the trails, competing at the age of 42. There were only five women in the field of 144 runners older than 42. Cody's time was 14 minutes slower than the qualifying time of 2:44 that she ran in November. She said she expected to have trouble matching that time, with just a six-week span between marathons.