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New Richmond women dominate bowling association tournament

The team sponsored by Frank Hegner Trophies won the team championship in the Western Wisconsin USBC Women's Bowling Association annual tournament. Team members are Elizabeth Ziegler, Barb DeRosier, Kaci DeRosier and Mary Bentley.1 / 2
The team of Piper Thibodeau and Jessica Peterson won the Western Wisconsin USBC Women's Bowling Association tournament doubles championship.2 / 2

Awards for the Western Wisconsin Women's Bowling Association annual tournament were handed out at the Somerset Village Hall of April 14.

The team event for the association tournament was held at the New Richmond Bowling Center. Sixteen teams bowled in the team event, which was won by the Frank Hegner Trophies tam from New Richmond, with a score of 2,563. Team members include Mary Bentley, Kaci DeRosier, Barb DeRosier and Elizabeth Ziegler. Second place in this event went to the New Richmond Bowling center team from New Richmond with a score of 2,520. Team members include Jane Linder, Missy Maple, Amy Johnson and Sadie Vance. Third place also went to a team from New Richmond. The Cedar Creek Inn team of Carol Bell, Barb Erdmann, Vickie Ericksen and Sharon Komorouski finished with a score of 2,514.

The doubles and singles events were bowled at Gibby's Lanes in New Richmond. The doubles event drew 35 teams. It was won by Piper Thibodeau and Jessica Peterson of New Richmond with a combined score of 1,413. Second place went to Michelle Wirth and Pam Brunkhorst with a score of 1,374. Third place went to Casey Rubrecht and Theresa Bueno of New Richmond with a score of 1,312.

Seventy women bowled in the singles event and the top three finishers were all from New Richmond. First place was won by Wendy Stoner with a score of 700 with handicap. Second place went to Kaci DeRosier with a 681. Capturing third place was Elizabeth Ziegler with a 672.

The all events category was won by Pam Brunkhorst with a combined score of 2,070. DeRosier took second place with a 2,007 and Ziegler was third with a 1,947.

Monday Afternoon Women's League at NR Bowling Center

Final Statistics

Frank Hegner Trophies (champions) 108-102

NRBC 101-109

Cedar Creek Inn 118-92

McCabe's Shamrock 93-117

High Individual Scratch Game: Elizabeth Ziegler 226

High Individual Handicap Game: Delta Johnston 278

High Individual Scratch Series: Elizabeth Ziegler 583

High Individual Handicap Series: Carol Bell 738

Team High Scratch Game: Frank Hegner Trophies 509

Team High Handicap Game: Frank Hegner Trophies 702

Team High Scratch Series: Frank Hegner Trophies 1,332

Team High Handicap Series: NRBC 1,974

High Average: Elizabeth Ziegler 151

Most Improved: Vickie Ericksen, plus 8 points