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Sprint triathlon slated in New Richmond for September

The Centre is helping athletes stay motivated and train during the summer months by sponsoring a triathlon, which will take place Sunday, Sept. 23.

"We always talked about doing a triathlon and just finally put all the right resources together," said Tate Wheeler, heath enhancement director at The Centre.

Athletes competing in the triathlon will complete a quarter mile swim, a 15-mile bike ride and a 3.1-mile run. According to Wheeler, this is considered a sprint triathlon distance.

"It's a little bit shorter, which in my opinion offers it to more beginners," Wheeler said.

The route starts at the Center, where participants will complete eight laps in The Centre's swimming pool.

"After the swim, they transition to the bike portion," Wheeler said. "The bike portion goes toward Erin Prairie Township and then loops back around toward The Centre."

Following the biking part of the triathlon, participants will complete the run, which will go in a loop around the New Richmond area.

"A triathlon has been on my 'bucket list' for a couple years," participant Steph Fall said. "Over the past year, I started cross-training, incorporating running, swimming and biking on a regular basis. Competing in the triathlon is 'stepping out of the box' for me."

According to Wheeler, those who participate can complete the triathlon individually or as a team of up to three people.

"You could find someone to do the swim portion of it, someone to do the bikes and someone to do the run," Wheeler said.

Wheeler said there are still open spots for those who want to compete. As of press time, 10 people were signed up, leaving 90 spots available.

"We're capping at 100 for the first year," Wheeler said. "And if things are successful and we're able to expand, we'll open it up to more next year."

Registration will be open until Aug. 24, depending upon how quickly the remaining spots fill up. Those wishing to participate can find registration forms on The Centre's website,

Early bird registration for individuals is $60 and $105 for a team through Aug. 6. After that, the price goes up to $75 for individuals and $120 for teams.

"The registration fee helps cover the cost of getting the triathlon chip timed, which has a substantial cost compared to doing the timing on our own," Wheeler said.

The fee also goes toward T-shirts and refreshments for the athletes taking part in the triathlon.

In order to help athletes better prepare, Wheeler sends those who sign up a training schedule which he recommends they follow or use as a guide to develop their own.

The schedule Wheeler recommends varies workouts between biking, swimming and running for different lengths of time. There is also "gym" time, which Wheeler suggests for weight-lifting and stretching.

The schedule also includes days off from training to allow for recuperation.

"I have been pretty active in running and biking, and have started incorporating swimming more," Fall said. "I also strength train multiple times each week."

Fall said that she used The Centre's guidelines as her general training program and has also reached out to others for their training recommendations.

"I have also utilized a variety of individuals in and out of The Centre for guidance and recommendations for best training methods and preparation for a triathlon," Fall said.

Family Fresh Market is also working with The Centre to do a presentation for endurance athletes on July 17 and Aug. 14 at 6 p.m. The seminars will talk about proper nutrition and hydration.

Mary Jo Brunner, a dietician with Family Fresh Market, said that endurance athletes have special nutritional needs and it is important that they are aware of that.

"Nutrition is so important," Brunner said. "If you don't eat right, you're not going to perform well."

Brunner said the event came about because of the triathlon, but it is open to anyone interested.

Wheeler encourages people to sign up for the triathlon, get motivated and begin training so participants can complete their goal come September.

"By completing something like this, it's a nice accomplishment for any athlete," Wheeler said.