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Fun Fest tennis tournament becoming a regional event

A number of former New Richmond High School tennis players returned to compete in this year's Fun Fest tournament. Here Whitney (Hay) Quast is shown in one of her singles matches.1 / 4
Kirsten Peterson of Hastings, Minn. took second place in the women's 18-39 bracket.2 / 4
Louis Hoffman played with a wooden tennis racquet during his matches in the Fun Fest Tennis Tournament.3 / 4
Mattie Kidder of New Richmond won the 14-17 singles title in the 2012 Fun Fest tournament.4 / 4

The New Richmond Tennis Open continues to grow, drawing interest from players from all over western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota.

Forty-two doubles teams and 40 singles entries took part in this year's tournament, which ran from Friday through Sunday.

The heavy rains on Friday night shut down the tournament. That's where New Richmond is fortunate. While the tournament was scheduled to be played at the high school, the courts at the middle school are available if a scheduling issue occurs.

Most of Friday's matches were transferred to the middle school courts for Saturday morning. By early afternoon on Saturday, the tournament was back on schedule.

Here is the list of the champions, second place finishers and consolation champions from each flight in the 2012 tournament.

Mixed Doubles, 18-39

First: Grant Nelson and Kaycie Anderson. Second: Sam Duchow and Morgan Van Allen. Consolation: Ed Rumpel and Sami Kleiner.

Women Singles, 18-39

First: Morgan Van Allen. Second: Kirsten Peterson. Consolation: Whitney Quast.

Men Singles, 18-39

First: Dave Komula. Second: Paul Mitchell. Consolation: Justice Harvieux.

Women Doubles, 18-39

First: Sami Kleiner and Lily Buckley. Second: Annika Peterson and Kirsten Peterson. Consolation: Hailey Noha and Jalena Timmers.

Men Doubles, 18-39

First: Grant Nelson and Justice Harvieux. Second: John Rumpel and Jesse Olson. Consolation: Ron Olson and Caleb Olson.

Men Singles, 40-plus

First: Jim Rumpel. Second: Mark Hay. Consolation: Rick Shilts.

Men Doubles, 40-plus

First: Bob Davis and John Grage. Second: Jim Rumpel and Kevin Olson. Consolation: Mike Montello and Frank Segerstrom.

Mixed Doubles, 40-plus

First: Teresa Kvam and John Grage. Second: Connie Nelson and Frank Segerstrom. Consolation: Tom Earley and Sheila Earley.

Girls Singles, 14-17

First: Mattie Kidder. Second: Kaycie Anderson. Consolation: Anna Ebensperger.

Boys Singles, 14-17

First: Jordan Lehman. Second: Stu Pearson. Consolation: Jesse Brown.

Girls Doubles, 14-17

First: Mattie Kidder and Ali Graff. Second: Emma Meisner and Shannon Peper. Consolation: Audra Norton and Emily LaPorte.

Parent-Child Doubles

First: Teresa Kvam and Jordy Kvam. Second: Tom Earley and Maggie Earley. Consolation: Kevin Weaver and Christian Weaver.