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New Richmond girls powerlifters bring home first regional title

The New Richmond girls powerlifting program shows off the first regional tournament trophy earned by a Tiger powerlifting squad.

The New Richmond girls powerlifting team earned the first regional title in team history at a recent meet in River Falls.

The Tiger girls took first place out of eight teams in the Dec. 15 meet. The next competition for the Tigers is on Jan. 19 in Osceola.

The Tigers competed at River Falls with 29 lifters: 10 boys and 19 girls. Of the 29 lifters, 21 were first-year lifters. The biggest accomplishment of the day was that every Tiger lifter recorded a point total, meaning every lifter completed one successful squat, bench and dead lift.

As a team, the Tigers went 79 for 87 on squat attempts. They had a lot of freshmen and sophomore girls step up and lift varsity to put the team in a position to win. Often the younger female lifters sacrificed placing higher in JV for the better of the team.

"Lifter of the meet would have to go to the freshman Tamarah Clemmens," said Tiger coach Brandon Paletta. "She is a first time lifter and she had a great meet with a total that got her to state."

Her lifts were squat 215 pounds, bench 90, and deadlift 270.

Every lifter broke their previous best at this meet. The main goal of the lifters is get better every week.

Big lifts were by Allan Wollenberg, deadlifting 445 to go to state; Maddy Riemenschneider deadlifting 245 to go to state; Bethany Haag deadlifting 270 to go to state; Clemmens deadlifting 270 to go to state; Kaden Meeds squatting 430; Vickie Holbrook deadlifting 190 pounds in the 103-pound body weight class; and Taylor Klemmensen deadlifting 210 pounds at a 112-pound body weight class. Both are sophomores.

A standout was freshman Liam Mehls at 181 pounds. He had a huge 350-pound deadlift. Another freshman standout was Sabrina Keyes, deadlifting 315 pounds in her first meet.

"I believe, with the work ethic of our team, we will continue to have success, especially with the freshman and sophomore classes," Paletta said. "With the young female team we have I know we will be competitive for the next few years. Our motto this year is 'hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.' This defines our team because the 29 lifters that showed up to lift worked hard the last month and the results proved it."

New Richmond

state qualifiers

Allan Wollenberg (junior) 165-pound class: 1,000 pounds total lifts

Bethany Haag (junior) 148-pound class: 605 pounds total lifts

Maddy Riemenschneider (junior) 123-pound class: 565 pounds total lifts

Tamarah Clemmens (freshman) 148-pound class: 575 pounds total lifts

First place finishers

Maddy Riemenschneider 132-pound Varsity (junior)

Wyatt Carper 132-pound JV (sixth grader)

Allan Wollenberg 165-pound Varsity (junior)

Liam Mehls 181-pound JV (freshman)

Austen Dimick 220-pound JV (sophomore)

Second place finishers

Vickie Holbrook 105-pound Varsity (sophomore)

Bethany Haag 148-pound Varsity (junior)

Sabrina Stacken 181-pound Varsity (sophomore)

Jenna Wallace 198-pound Varsity (senior)

Third place finishers

Taylor Klemmensen 114-pound Varsity (sophomore)

Tina Montpetit 132-pound Varsity (junior)

Tamarah Clemmens 148-pound Varsity (freshman)

Tara Bierbrauer 181-pound Varsity (senior)

Sabrina Keyes 198-pound Varsity (freshman)

Blake Kaczmarski 148-pound JV (sixth grader)

Brendan Maki 165-pound Varsity (junior)

Kaden Meeds 181-pound Varsity (Senior)

Fourth Place finishers

Jordyn Bonney 123-pound Varsity (senior)

Kelly Bibeau 165-pound Varsity (junior)