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Judge tells ATVs to stay off Amery-Dresser bike trail

A judge in northwest Wisconsin says all-terrain vehicles cannot use the Amery to Dresser state hiking and bicycling trail.

Molly Gale-Wyrick, Polk County circuit judge, sided with a citizens group that sued the state DNR.

That was after county planners wanted to allow motorized vehicles on the 13.5 mile state trail from Amery to Dresser.

The DNR performed an environmental assessment and then approved the ATVs.

But the judge said the DNR did not have the authority to allow them.

Glenn Stoddard, citizens' group attorney, called the judge's ruling a victory for everyone concerned about the effects of ATVs on state hiking and biking trails.

Michael Lutz, DNR attorney, says the agency believes it did not go out of bounds and it's considering an appeal.