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Local runners take Monster Dash

This group of local runners were among those who got into costume to run the Monster Dash in St. Paul on Saturday.

Halloween is an increasingly popular celebration, at least for the New Richmond Running Club.

NRC members joined nearly 10,000 other runners in participating in Team Ortho's Monster Dash held in St. Paul on Saturday.  There were 6,020 participants in the half marathon.

Here is a list of area finishers (two events):

Name Town Time

Dan Wells New Richmond 1:32:08

Tammy Briseno Amery 1:39:09

J Evans New Richmond 1:40:28

Joy Keller Deer Park 1:40:33

Aimie Brugler New Richmond 1:41:44

Corey Burton Roberts 1:42:19

Amy Bakke New Richmond 1:42:25

Nicholas Beebe Baldwin 1:43:15

Stephanie Hoff Somerset 1:43:31

Sara Petersen New Richmond 1:44:10

Joe Kelzer New Richmond 1:46:28

Tera Busker Roberts 1:47:51

Jolene Burton Roberts 1:50:06

Heather Barberine New Richmond 1:51:14

Tiffany Leavens New Richmond 1:52:41

Ryan Everson New Richmond 1:53:19

Brad Sharp New Richmond 1:55:23

Teri Sharp Richmond 1:55:24

Amy Fiege New Richmond 1:55:44

Jamie Knutson New Richmond 1:55:46

Amy Thorsen Roberts 1:55:50

Brianne Maier New Richmond 1:55:53

Jill Beskar New Richmond 1:56:58

Lori Jarchow New Richmond 1:57:55

Russ Patten New Richmond 1:58:15

Mark Kellaher New Richmond 1:59:33

Shawn Demulling New Richmond 2:03:00

Alyssa Matzek New Richmond 2:03:26

Shanna Beauvais New Richmond 2:07:21

Andrea Dittel Hammond 2:07:59

Laura Dreier New Richmond 2:11:44

Mark Mohwinkel New Richmond 2:14:30

Sara Nelson Somerset 2:16:00

Becky Bergo Hammond 2:16:27

Mike Sippel Hammond 2:17:55

Melissa Gessler Roberts 2:19:09

Dorinda Lambrecht New Richmond 2:21:21

Kristen Wilcox Roberts 2:21:49

Kathleen Elbert New Richmond 2:29:25

Shanon Wildes Hammond 2:32:46

David Braunstein Somerset 2:41:46

Barb Graham New Richmond 2:44:03

Vicki Derrick New Richmond 2:44:03

Adam Perry Star Prairie 2:44:03

Melissa Bjorkman Somerset 2:58:30

Tara Shoquist New Richmond 2:59:56

Kimberly Korhonen Somerset 2:59:57

Kenny Shoquist New Richmond 2:59:58

Bonnie Jean Miers New Richmond 3:13:55

There were 3,374 runners who competed in the 10-mile portion of the race. Here are the local finishers.

Daniel Otten Hammond 1:24:10

Karen Utzman New Richmond 1:30:03

Jenny Larson New Richmond 1:30:04

Jeremy Olson Hammond 1:31:16

Tim Riemenschneider New Richmond 1:32:43

Rick Nelson Star Prairie 1:34:57

Kristi Niles Clear Lake 1:35.25

Erin Jackman Roberts 1:35:46

Anne Anez New Richmond 1:41:53

Jennifer Atkins Deer Park 1:44:41

Joy Bylander New Richmond 1:45:18

Jessica Porter Somerset 1:49:00

Steffani Falardeaux New Richmond 1:49:14

Amie Rybacki Somerset 1:49:16

Leigh Harrell Somerset 1:49:21

Kate Brodie New Richmond 1:54:34

Kris Nelson Star Prairie 1:54:34

Angie Sie Roberts 1:55:08

Brandy Anderson New Richmond 1:55:41

Brice Anderson New Richmond 1:55:42

Sheri Henck Star Prairie 1:59:48

Dawn Klaes Hammond 2:03:59

Brandy Olson Hammond 2:04:21

Jill Pink Roberts 2:04:41

Kristin Emerson Hudson 2:04:49

Katie Madsen New Richmond 2:04:55