Summer youth sports draw huge numbers


Youth sports provide a great service and a great opportunity each summer.

Hundreds of kids in our area flock to opportunities to compete, whether it’s at the most basic levels in sports like T-ball, or in camps and other options that are available for high school athletes. Below are numbers showing how many New Richmond kids took part in some of the sports that were offered in the community over the summer.


There were 502 kids rostered this summer within the New Richmond Baseball Club. This is for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade, all the way from T-ball to travelling ball at the older levels. 


Youth softball numbers continue to be strong in New Richmond. There are 44 girls competing in ages 10-14. There are another 24 girls who are in an in-house travel program, with another 16 girls as part of an in-house development program.


There were approximately 150 kids who took part in youth tennis opportunities over the summer in New Richmond.


The youth program at the New Richmond Golf Club is considered one of the model programs in western Wisconsin and it continues to draw excellent numbers. There are 120 kids who are taking part in the program that teaches the basics of the game, along with golf etiquette.


There were more than 200 kids in the New Richmond youth soccer club, plus another 77 in ages 3-7 who took part this summer. Here is an age breakdown:

6-8 year old boys - 12

6-8 year old girls - 10

9 year old boys - 9 9 year old girls - 14

10 year old boys - 11

10 year old girls - 18

11 year old boys - 18

11 year old girls - 11

12 year old boys - 20

12 year old girls - 8

13 year old boys - 10

13 year old girls - 9

14 year old boys - 8

14 year old girls - 17

15-18 year old boys - 32 


The start of school doesn’t mean the end of youth sports offerings. Youth football is starting soon. Roughly 180 kids are expected to take part in grades 3-6 in the youth football program. There were approximately 150 kids who took part in the Tiger youth football camp held last week.

High School

It wasn’t just the younger kids who were busy with sports over the summer. Nearly every morning of the summer, the high schools were buzzing with activity, which was centered on the weight room. There were more than 300 athletes who took part in the Tiger Strength Program at New Richmond High School.

Approximately 175 athletes took part in Somerset’s summer strength program and nearly 200 athletes were part of St. Croix Central’s program. The morning activities usually fed into other activities, with gyms being filled with activity for much of the day, along with running, soccer, baseball and other outdoor sports getting in plenty of action over the summer.