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Snowmobilers kill 57 ducks in Fond du Lac County; days after deer killing

Just days after snowmobilers killed five deer in Waupaca County, riders in Fond du Lac apparently rounded up 57 mallard ducks and ran them over with their machines.

Necropsies will be performed today on 20 hens and 37 drakes.

Department of Natural Resources warden supervisor George Protogere says he wants to make sure they died from trauma.

He did not believe a disease outbreak could have been involved.

A passerby said the ducks looked okay at 9 a.m. Tuesday. But five hours later, the same person came by again and saw them dead.

The ducks were found in an ice-fishing hole, and open water on the Fond du Lac River near the city's wastewater plant.

Bill Schumann, head of the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs called both the duck and deer incidents disgusting. He said it's not what snowmobiling is all about and something is drastically wrong.

Schuman says he'd like to see the killers lose their riding privileges and go to jail. He says they must be brought to justice.

In the Waupaca County incident, one deer had its stomach pulled out and another choked while tied to a tree.

A news conference is planned this afternoon to provide an update on that case.

Protogere said it's too early to say if a copy-cat killer was behind the Fond du Lac incident. He says it's hard to speculate on what the riders' motives might have been.