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DNR plans GPS devices for golden eagles along Mississippi River

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources plans to put GPS-tracking units on golden eagles near the Mississippi River in the next three years.

They want to see where the birds go, and how they breed.

Lots of bald eagles are seen on the Mississippi each winter because much of the water never ices over and it's easy for the birds to feast on fish.

Golden eagles are common on the river from late October through February. But they don't stray far from the water in either Wisconsin or Minnesota.

Mark Martell of Audubon Minn., who's part of the tracking project, says they want to know how they're using the river during the winter, if they stay in one place or wander around, and where they breed and nest.

Wildlife experts know how golden eagles behave in other parts of the country. But little is known about their behavior patterns in the Upper Midwest.