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Shady Ridge Farm llama wins at 2010 Minnesota State Fair

Lata Caliente

Lata Caliente at Shady Ridge, a 2-year-old female owned by Sheila and Britt Fugina, New Richmond, took Reserve Grand Champion heavy wool female llama at the Minnesota State Fair Llama Show Friday, Sept. 3.

Llama judge Tami Lash, Manitou Beach, Mich., commented on Lata's "great stretch, size and movement" as well as her "incredibly lustrous and flowing fiber." She said the competition at this year's Minnesota State Fair was "especially tough," with area breeders bringing out only their best. There were 34 exhibitors in the llama show, and they entered a total of 107 animals.

"We're thrilled that Lata did so well in the show since we're just a small farm, and she was the only llama we took this year," said Sheila Fugina. "It's especially gratifying because there were a number of big breeders with a lot of animals to choose from."

Sheila and her husband Britt have been raising llamas in St. Croix County for more than 20 years and have lived at their New Richmond farm since 1996.