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Horse enthusiasts fare well at Gymkhana event

Pictured (left to right) are Gymkhana participants from St. Croix County, Hannah Gullixson, Amanda Richter, Derek Richter and Kelsey Jurek.

St. Croix County was well represented at the 23rd Annual 2010 State Gymkhana Horse Show in West Allis, on Sept. 11 and 12.

Nearly 200 youth in grades 6 through 13 from all over Wisconsin participated in this event.

Riders participated in seven Gymkhana classes: Pole Bending, Barrels, Flag Race, Plug Race, Speed and Action, LT Special and Key Race.

Participants compete against the timer; the fastest run wins. Riders work all year long with their horses to gain speed, agility and formation. To qualify for the State Gymkhana show, riders have must have had competed at their county 4-H Gymkhana horse show.

Those attending from St. Croix County were Hannah Gullixson from Woodville, Amanda Richter and Derek Richter from New Richmond, and Kelsey Jurek from Hudson.

Together the St. Croix County Team brought home 13 Top 10 Ribbons, a reserved champion won by Kelsey Jurek and four champion trophies earned by Derek Richter.

Deland Richter took the team to Milwaukee for the event and offered tips and encouragement throughout the year.