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Popular deer feed has western Wisconsin ties

Fatal Attraction Deer Feed

Gary Drinkman owns his own feed company near Boyceville. He's also an avid deer hunter. It was only natural that he develop his own deer feed.

"My hunting buddies were always after me to develop a feed that deer would love and that would have beneficial nutritional value as well," he said.

That's how Fatal Attraction was born.

"I based the formula on years of trials, knowledge of specific grain, protein and fiber sources beneficial to ruminants and I wanted the deer to really love the taste," Drinkman said. "We use a proprietary flavoring that is specifically designed to enhance the taste and aroma of these types of whole grains."

Drinkman said while there are a variety of other deer feeds on the market, he considers them "junk food for deer."

"The deer will eat these types of feeds but they can do more harm than good for the health of the deer," he said.

That's because while Fatal Attraction is made with whole grains and natural protein sources, other feeds use byproduct feed that have had most of the starch and energy removed from them, are low in fiber and usually too high in protein content, he said.

Drinkman said his formula actually helps strengthen the deer, creating a stronger immune system and disease resistance.

"The advantages to the hunter are larger antler development, a higher deer population and attracting deer to a specific location for scouting and trail camera pictures," he said.

Fatal Attraction is considered a 3-in-1 product, acting as a deer feed, deer attractant and supplement. It's been gaining attention nationally and had been endorsed by several professional hunters, including Kip Campbell (of Red Arrow TV), Jeff Ensor, Mark Clifford, Jason Hanson (of Killbillies Outdoors TV), Patrick Elswick (of Killbillies Outdoors TV), Myles Keller, Rick Valdez and Brad Peacock.

Drinkman said his experience in dairy nutrition, along with his experience developing products for sheep, goats, llamas, equine, poultry, game birds, swine and captive farmed deer, made Fatal Attraction a no-brainer.

"After working with deer farms for several years, trying different combinations of feeds and mineral supplements, we had a formula that was producing record antler growth, strong immune systems and healthy does and fawns," Drinkman said. "It was time to make a deer feed for wild deer."

Although Drinkman's feed company is located near Boyceville, Fatal Attraction is manufactured, bagged and shipped from a warehouse in Menomonie. Partners in the company include Drinkman, Aaron Keopple, David Arndt and New Richmond's Brad Guinn. Craig "Rooster" Plaszcz acts as the company's sales manager and Andy Sternberg handles the company's operations.

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