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No personal info ‘compromised’ from weekend local bank scam

First National Bank of River Falls was targeted in a phishing scam Sunday. President and CEO Jeff Johnson said local police have been informed and that there’s been “no data breach into our customer information server.”

A large number of people in the area reported getting automated calls from a phone number in New York.

The call indicated that the person’s First National Bank debit card was “locked,” and that the person needed to press 1 to speak to the security department.

Once the person pressed 1, the automated voice asked the person to type in their 16-digit debit card number.

“Classic phishing scam,” Johnson said. “Many non-customers received calls as well, including individuals as far away as Black River Falls.

“This appears to strictly be the actions of a scam artist calling random landline and cellular phone numbers in an effort to get customer information.”

Johnson offered this advice -- both specific and general -- to avoid being scammed and what actions to take if victimized by a scam:

“We are requesting that all customers who typed in their 16-digit debit card number to contact the bank during business hours at 715-425-2401 in order to cancel the card and have a new card issued.

“We remind all customers that we will never call you and ask for your account information over the phone.

“It is apparent to us that the perpetrator does not have any sort of bank customer information, and that they are randomly contacting individuals.”