Salon to sport new look in new building


A 30-year-old New Richmond salon and spa is getting ready to sport a new look at a new location.

The Hair Company, which has been in business in New Richmond since the early 1980s, has broken ground on a new expanded space, according to owner and stylist Julie Mitchell.

The new building is currently being built just off West Richmond Way on Cernohous Avenue between Oevering Homes and Fitzgerald Lawn Care. Mitchell is hoping the new location will offer more visibility to potential customers and more convenience for existing customers.

“We’ll have a great new parking lot and exterior of our building, which is one of the big pluses from what we have now,” Mitchell said. “The inside of our salon here is beautiful; however, now we’ll have the outside to match. And it will have easier access for our guests.”

Mitchell is also looking forward to the look of the building itself, which will include an attractive corner entrance surrounded by brick pillars.

In the past, the salon has been located in the downtown district and near Westfields Hospital. Since 2003, the Hair Company has been operating at 735 S. Knowles Ave., between Bosch and Oh Ship. Mitchell, then a stylist at the business, became the Hair Company’s third owner when she bought the business in February 2005.

“It’s going to be a full-service salon and spa kind of like we have,” Mitchell said. “We’re expanding our manicure, pedicure area. We’re going to have great new pedicure equipment for everyone and new styling stations. It’s going to be a great space for us to offer some more services for our guests.”

Not only is the Hair Company planning to offer a better experience for its customers, but it’s looking to hire as well. The new building will have three additional styling stations, which will allow Mitchell to expand her staff.

“Right now there are 10 employees here,” Mitchell said. “We definitely want to grow quite a bit. I’d like to hire at least three more stylists within the next year or so.”

Mitchell and her staff hope to move into the new space on Cernohous Avenue early next spring, depending on how construction goes.

“All my stylists and everyone are super excited to be able to offer clients something new,” Mitchell said.