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NRICH Tutoring Services opens in New Richmond

NRICH Tutoring Service owner/tutor Dr. Judie Harrington (right) and husband John Harrington are pictured at the business' ribbon cutting ceremony. Photo courtesy of the New Richmond Area Chamber of Commerce

NRICH Tutoring Services, LLC, offers private tutoring sessions for students of all ages in all subject areas. Academic director Dr. Judie Harrington is a licensed elementary and reading teacher who has also taught at the college level. Harrington can help people of all ages who want to be better learners and can also assist adults working on their GED, learning English or studying for the citizenship test.

The focus of the tutoring services is to help students in literacy and math. The office is set up with books and resources to develop reading, writing and math skills, with enrichment to enhance learning with STEM and social studies activities. Sessions last 45 minutes with two to three sessions per week recommended. For younger students (ages 4-5), the "Ready to Read! Program" offers 30-minute sessions designed to foster letter and sound awareness as well as to promote a love of reading and family literacy.

"I want to help young people to grow in confidence and to reach their academic potential. Tutoring can help a child who is struggling in school but can also enrich students who want to do more," said Harrington. "The name came about because we are in New Richmond, of course, but also because we are offering tutoring and enrichment.

"I want students to feel that this is a place for growing in a love for learning and they should never feel embarrassed about going to a tutor. Tutoring can increase confidence, improve attitudes toward schoolwork and enhance academic success."

Harrington can work with students after school and on Saturdays. Adults, homeschooled children and younger children can also arrange sessions between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Parents may not be aware of problems at school until conferences in the middle of the semester or when grades come out, but there are several things that may indicate to parents that tutoring is needed.

"If your child is falling behind his or her peers, if grades are suffering, if homework is increasingly difficult — and causing problems at home about getting it done — these are all reasons that parents might think about a tutor," Harrington said. "But there are also subtle signs such as loss of interest in school or being anxious for tests, as well as just resisting schoolwork or reading in general."

Submitted by NRICH Tutoring Service, compiled by Jordan Willi

NRICH Tutoring Services, LLC is located at 124 E. First St. in New Richmond. The facility is open by appointment Monday through Saturday. NRICH Tutoring can be found on Facebook or at Appointments can be made by calling 715-246-0008 or by emailing