Friday Library Column: Glover Park a special place for city, library alike


Written by Jessica LaPean, Youth Services Librarian at the Friday Memorial Library

Thursday, Nov. 30, welcomes New Richmond’s Hometown Holidays celebration starting with a parade down Knowles Avenue to Glover Park. Glover Park has always been a special place for Friday Memorial Library as we often use this green space in the summer months for activities and events. This past summer, Glover Park hosted our summer reading carnival, Fantasy Corral petting zoo, Repto-mania, and more. We look forward to the tree lighting ceremony and community fire with s’mores that will be held there this week. We enjoy Glover Park being one of the many places that the city has to offer for our community to come together.

The library strives to be a dynamic and friendly hub for the community, a gathering place for people in the New Richmond area to learn, explore and connect. On the evening of Nov. 30, we hope to offer a place to warm up with a cup of apple cider and a small craft for the kids as the community celebrates just outside our doors. We hope you’ll stop inside, browse the collection, warm up while paging through a magazine, and see for yourself all that the library has available.

This holiday season, the library can offer more than just books. Borrow a projector to share digital photos or slideshows at your family gatherings. LaunchPad tablets provide portable educational entertainment for the kids over long vacation days. Try out new video games before purchasing them as gifts - Wii or Xbox games are available in New Richmond with several other game formats available through the MORE system. Fill your home with seasonal sounds from our CD collection. Our Lucky Day DVDs are great for curling up with family on a chilly winter night. Join the waiting list to borrow the internet and have WiFi access as you travel to spend time with loved ones. Of course, there are always new recipes and craft ideas to be found among the stacks to add cheer to your holidays as well.

This holiday season, as you look out our sitting area window at the trees and lights that will be first lit on Nov. 30, we hope you too remember the community gathered there in the spirit of the holidays.