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Somerset Library Column: The 'nice' list

Local quilter Sandi Scanlon recently gifted a pair of wall hangings to the Somerset Public Library. Photo courtesy of the Somerset Public Library1 / 2
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There are many lists kept at the Somerset Public Library: types of toner to order, trending titles to select for readers, furnace filter rotation, etc.

What a surprise, when earlier this month we were gifted with two gorgeous, handcrafted wall hangings by local quilter Sandi Scanlon. It made me realize what a daunting task the elves must have at this time of year!

Looking back at 2017, we have been on many people's nice list over the past 12 months. What follows is an attempt to compile an abridged list of those kind souls who supported us personally and professionally:

• Mike — enthusiastic hotrodder

• Nikki — keen kid wrangler

• David — surreptitious snow shoveler

• Susan — taskforce organizer

• Mark — chief fluorescent bulb changer

• Sally — comedic relief worker

• Rich & Brenda — zealous corn growers

• Norma — advocacy sponsor

• June — principal magazine recycler

• Everly — toy assessor

• Tracy — furniture rescuer

• Darrell — feisty beekeeper

• Sue — ardent book donator

• Shelia — devoted listener

• Donna — gluten free treat bringer

We are so lucky to have this group of mostly unseen collaborators. Our facility and our collective countenance have benefitted from these people who shared their time and expertise with us. These acts of kindness involved wrenches, muffin tins, sewing machines, and passion. Everyone on this list is a champion of the library and they have done it without the benefit of a formal thank you or public acknowledgement until now. This simple list is one way to elevate how important their giving has been to Somerset Public Library. Here's hoping you landed on someone's nice list.