Community donations enhance lives at St. Croix Health Center


The Fund to Benefit the St. Croix Health Center in New Richmond is pleased to announce the purchase of an additional Nu Step recumbent cross trainer made possible with a grant from the Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation plus donations from others including the Somerset High School.

The NuStep is a recumbent cross trainer most commonly used for those recovering from an injury, joint replacement, cardiac surgery or stroke. Once rehab has been completed, continued use allows residents to maintain those gains achieved in rehab, build strength, increase mobility, improve overall health and contribute to a greater quality of life. This cross trainer simulates the movement of walking while users are in a safe, seated, recumbent position.

Somerset High School Students conducted a Rock-a-thon fundraiser in May 2016 as a part of their service learning class, organized by Mariah Patterson and Maddie Pauley. Students as well as residents and community members sat in rocking chairs to raise funds to contribute to this project.

Virginia Salmon was a resident at the time and attested to the importance of the NuStep, "It helps to get my blood circulating, helps me stay limber."

Since the original Nu Step was used extensively for those residents receiving physical therapy, this donation of an additional Nu Step allows other residents not under doctor's orders to also enhance their quality of life and stay active.

Residents in Orchard View Terrace Assisted Living are also able to utilize this additional NuStep for their health-related goals.

The Fund to Benefit the St. Croix Health Center group took this particular request from residents and helped coordinate the funding and equipment purchase. The group continues to receive requests from residents and their families on ways to enhance the quality of life at the St. Croix Health Center and Orchard View Terrace and find funding for these additions.

Donations made to Fund to Benefit St. Croix Health Center, under the umbrella of the New Richmond Area Community Foundation, are tax exempt. We greatly appreciate the wonderful support we have received from our community for this latest enhancement! This home is our home....not meant for the rich and famous, but for the rest of us, if we need it.