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Hazel Mackin Library Column: Rumors false, library will remain open

It is time for an update on the library funding. I know many of you voiced concerns over the budget cuts and I appreciate your outpouring support of our community library! It really provided affirmation to our programs and services that we currently provide. I want to clear up the unfortunate rumor that the library doors were possibly going to be closed because of budget cuts. That information was completely false and was never stated as such. I have no idea how it started, but I was shocked when I was informed that people thought it was a possibility. With that said, the Village of Roberts funding for the library will continue as last year. Please know that isn't the case for all departments.

This library belongs to the community and even though I have a library board and a village board, my job is to listen and assess what our patrons are needing whether it be in our collection development, our services, our hours, our customer service and our programs. In order to do that well, I need to gauge what I hear and make priorities where they are needed. I have my work cut out for me as I look toward 2018. There will be tough decisions to be made, but I know that together we will rise up to the challenge of keeping our library as a beacon of Roberts.