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Four vying for Miss Hammond crown

Four candidates will be vying for the Miss Hammond crown during this year's Hammond Heartland Days festival, including: Grace Myer, Lauren Leen, Scout Lindquist and Stephe Yarrington. Submitted photo

Four candidates will compete for the 2018 Heartland Days Miss Hammond crown, including Lauren Leen, Scout Lindquist, Grace Myer and Stephe Yarrington. This year's Miss Hammond pageant will start at 4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 11 in the St. Croix Central Auditorium.

Lauren Leen

Family: Parents Jennifer and Cary Leen and three sisters.

Hobbies: Reading, puzzles, coloring, camping, listening to music, swimming and spending time with friends and family.

Why are you running for Miss Hammond? She wants to represent the community she loves, and thinks it is an opportunity to make new friends and have new experiences.

Characteristics: Friendly, outgoing, optimistic, hardworking and dedicated.

Community service project: To provide transportation for the elderly, unable to drive themselves, to and from doctor appointments, shopping and other activities. She enjoys helping people who need assistance and believes it's something needed in our community.

How would you describe Hammond? A close-knit community where classmates and neighbors are family.

Future plans: Attend college to become a surgeon.

Scout Lindquist

Family: Parents Autumn and Paul Lindquist and one sister.

Hobbies: Dancing, reading, exploring new places, letting her imagination run wild and working at A&W in Baldwin.

Why are you running for Miss Hammond? Lindquist remembers going to three different 4th of July parades so she could "wave at the princesses" on their floats. Since then, royalty has always held a special place in her heart. Running for Miss Hammond helps you to get to know your community more and grow personally, which she is interested in.

Characteristics: Outgoing, loves talking to people and finds it easy to make conversation, kind, considerate, responsible and selfless.

Community service project: A food drive. There are many families in need and food is a great place to start. Her favorite thing about being at home is having dinner with her family; she thinks it would be great if everyone in the community could experience this as well.

How would you describe Hammond? There is never a dull moment. There are many things going on in Hammond and many places to go. Hammond Heartland Days is always fun to visit, and the parade is her favorite part. Lindquist couldn't imagine growing up anywhere else.

Future plans: Move to Seattle, Wash., and pursue a degree in the medical field.

Grace Myer

Family: Parents Jenny and Todd Myer and older brother, Derek.

Hobbies: Baking, cooking, sewing, gardening and video editing.

Why are you running for Miss Hammond? Since 2008 when she first saw the Hammond Royalty Court, she has wanted to be " just like those girls." Myer wants to represent the community that she has grown up in and loved so dearly.

Characteristics: A positive, social person who loves to have fun. But, when needed, she can be serious and take on any leadership situation.

Community service project: To raise money for the Hammond Arts Alliance/Foster Hall. The Hammond Arts Alliance is one of the more underrated organizations in Hammond. Money raised could be used for marketing, creating more visibility and support for the Arts Alliance and possibly to draw in other people for increased events.

How would you describe Hammond? Calm and peaceful. It's a very tight-knit community full of kind and helpful people. But living in Hammond is far from boring. There are many sporting events to watch at the schools, as well as band, choir, theatrical performances at the community auditorium and, of course, Hammond Heartland Days in August.

Future plans: Attend the University of Wisconsin-River Falls to major in early childhood education.

Stephe Yarrington

Family: Parents Daniel and Sara Yarrington and three brothers.

Hobbies: Competing in track and field, cheerleading (since freshman year) and singing in the choir. She plans to try out for a play this fall. She also loves to draw, color, paint, and build.

Characteristics: Very active, always on the move, sweet, caring, loving, loves being part of her caring community. She cares about her friends, family and community!

Why are you running for Miss Hammond? She has always dreamed of being a queen and running for Miss Hammond. She loves to dress up, show everybody a big smile and help out where she can. She loves being there for others and also being there for fun. Being on the Hammond Royalty Court is a dream for Yarrington, not a choice; running for Miss Hammond is the world.

Community service project: Make Hammond a more loving community with more fun events for everyone. Yarrington wants the whole community to get together and have big picnics to become more like family. It has always been her dream for a community to be just another big loving family.

How would you describe Hammond? A fun, amazing and caring community. The people are open and everyone knows everyone.

Future plans: Continue her education and fulfill her dream of owning her own worldwide art business.