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artZ Gallery announces September features artists, group

For the month of September, the artZ Gallery will presents artists Dan Flory, Nancy Viebrock and the Artistic Innovations Group. Submitted photo

For the month of September, the artZ Gallery presents: Dan Flory, Nancy Viebrock and the Artistic Innovations Group.

Of his art, Florey states, "Working with wood has been something I have done throughout much of my life; my first recorded effort being at age 4. In recent years I have taken to turning wooden bowls especially bark-edged bowls. I find it a fascinating challenge to take what would otherwise be a piece of firewood and turn it into something of interest and beauty." Contact him at for additional information.

Viebrock is a practicing artist living in the St Croix Valley. She studied art education at UW River Falls, and throughout her life has continued her interest in art by taking many workshops and classes from various art institutions and nationally recognized instructors. She also studied in an atelier setting with Mary Pettis for three years. Her training in classical realism eventually gave way to collage and then on to assemblage after taking several classes from J. Fred Woell, Richard Salley and Michael DeMeng.

"I like the variety of working with multiple medias, from metal and assemblage to mixed media acrylic painting," Viebrock said. "I find each media presents similar problems and solutions, and I like to play them off each other. I might find an idea for a painting while working with assemblage, or use a mini painting in an assemblage piece. I love the surprise element of starting with various pieces or colors, and watching it emerge into something totally unexpected. Basically it is all about having fun!" Contact her at for additional information.

Artistic Innovations Group

Patricia Mayhew Hamm has been teaching classes in her studio for quite a few years. The artists represented in this show are the crème de la crème. Many have been coming to her Chetek studio for four to five years, faithfully every other Tuesday. They have explored all media and experimented together on many things. Some of the artists are retired teachers who never had time to explore their love in art. They have bonded into a wonderful cohesive, imaginative group of women who create beautiful things.

Participating members are Patricia Hamm, Judy Paulson, Carol Johnson, Karen Bejin, Mary Gladitsch, Ruth Lundblad, Kristine Crowe, Penny Lane, Judy Dekan and Mary Sauter. Contact Hamm at for additional information.

artz Gallery is an artist-owned and operated gallery with changing monthly exhibits featuring member and guest artists. Artists who are interested in exhibiting can pick up application information at the Gallery or visit

artZ Gallery is located at 208 N. Keller Ave. in Amery. Regular hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.