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SOMERSET SCHOOL DISTRICT: 12/18/17 School Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - 11:26pm

MONDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2017 | 7:00 P.M.
Board president, Nancy Dressel, called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.
All present stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.
Roll call was taken. Present were Marie Colbeth, Nancy Dressel, Courtney Kurkowski, and Patty Schachtner. Absent was Katie Thurmes.
Dressel reviewed the district mission, core values and protocols.
Colbeth moved with a second by Schachtner to approve the agenda. Dressel addressed item 6.3.b. Should read to appoint first and second candidate. Colbeth amended her motion to include that change. Schachtner agreed. Motion passed unanimously.
Superintendent's Report
Bezek shared that enrollment is down from this time last year, however we have increased over the past couple of months. He also shared that he has a conference call scheduled with McGrath next week for an update. Bezek shared that summer school registration will be online this year.
Financial Reports
No discussion from the board.
Board Member Reports
Colbeth shared an update from CESA regarding College in the Schools program. CESA offers a substitute teacher training. Colbeth also shared that 31 teachers in CESA 11 applied for the Herb Kohl scholarship. Trish Sheridan also shared that we gain a lot of training and networking within our CESA group.
Bezek shared that the community education committee met last week and discussed what the community wants so we can do it right and well.
Bezek shared that the next Employee Council meeting will start to dig into the Employee Handbook.
Dressel shared that the application is now on the website for the Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Student Representative Report
Emma shared that NHS held their 2nd blood drive. Hunter shared that volunteer opportunities occurred at Toys for Tots and Feed My Starving Children. This week's Genius Hour will include holiday activities. They highlighted tutoring from NHS. Robotics and athletics have been off to a great start.
Open Forum
No open forum participants.
Educational Delivery and Learner Connectedness
School & District Report Cards:
Chris Kamrath shared information on the elementary school report card and that their overall score has improved. He shared details on the various categories.
Sara Eichten shared information regarding the middle school report card. She also shared that the school's overall score has improved. One area of focus is closing the gap and the building is focusing on building relationships with students as well as ELA and math. Schachtner asked what the current free/ reduced rate is. Eichten shared it is currently at 20% based on those that have applied, but acknowledged that many families don't apply.
Shannon Donnelly shared the high school report card. She shared that the high school report card is largely based on the ACT and growth occurred in many areas. She shared that the building goal focuses on relationships.
Trish Sheridan spoke on the district ride report card and that the trend has been moving upward over the past couple of years. She also spoke on College in the Schools and Project Lead the Way.
New Course Proposals
Colbeth moved with a second by Kurkowski to approve the New Course Proposals as presented. No discussion from the board. Motion passed unanimously.
New Course Offerings
Schachtner moved with a second by Colbeth to approve Course Offerings. Motion passed unanimously.
Services and Facilities
Scorevision Proposal:
Bezek shared we will be doing a RFP to obtain quotes for scoreboards as we are in need to update.
Budget Amendment Discussion:
Recommendation is to use the funds to help cover deficit spending. He shared he would also like to use funds for Strategic Plan initiatives including audio visual equipment in the boardroom as well as facilities analysis. Schachtner asked if the reimbursement from A'viands. Bezek shared there is no new updates at this time. Dressel asked for updated information regarding cost of upgrading the boardroom.
Construction Services Discussion:
Facilities and needs assessment is needed so we know how to move forward with our Strategic Plan. Bezek recommended Wold.
Community Engagement and Collaboration
General Election Information:
Dressel shared information regarding the general election. The election will be held on Tuesday, April 3, 2018. She shared that 4 seats will be up for election. Dressel stated that the deadline to file is 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 2, 2018. Applicants for the current vacancies, as well as all community members who are over 18, to run during the upcoming general election.
Board of Education Vacancy:
Dressel thanked the applicants. Board members highlighted strengths of each candidate.
Bruce Baillargeon:
Helpful - experience with large budgets - passionate - correlating the Strategic Plan to experience - acknowledging the energy that the district currently has - focus on process - measuring progress and adjusting accordingly - outgoing - give back to the schools - specialized network with his generation.
Catherine Cranston:
Prior board experience - sense of humor - community involvement - fair - honest - experience working with diverse student population - transparency - experience working through changes within the district - progressive vision.
Julie Lange:
Leadership skills - consistent - parent of young children perspective - knowledge of parent engagement - ability to provide guidance to the community on how to become more engaged - career experience working with behaviors - psychology and human services degree - acknowledged importance of teachers and relationships with parents - experience with adult learning - maintain and re-engage parents - research- based practices
Kelly Ott:
Experience in policy work - prior board experience - global perspective - acknowledged small district size and benefits of it - creative thinking - acknowledged working with townships to manage growth - desire to become an area that is welcoming and appreciative - appreciation for the arts.
John Siggens:
Values others opinions - stating children are only as good as the opportunities that are given to them - education background within family - collaborative - open-minded - advocate for a positive environment - forward thinking - appreciation of complexity of school governance - passionate - communication skills to present facts.
Sheri Walters:
Confident - dependable - compassionate - bridge between board and community with vast community involvement - acknowledged facility needs - measuring decisions with Strategic Plan - business owner in local community - referenced the need to be attractive to staff/future staff - experience with strategic plans and implementation - consistently reference strategic planning - noted trend growth and school report cards.
Melissa Wright:
Perseverance - need to connect to seniors in the community - advocate for music and art programs - trustworthy - acknowledged need for and value of parent involvement.
Dressel explained that the board will move through a voting process to appoint two board members. Colbeth will act as clerk in the absence of Katie Thurmes.
After the first round of voting, not further discussion ensued.
Rounds 2 was conducted and Catherine Cranston received 3 votes. Rounds 3 and 4 ensued. The 3 remaining candidates were asked to speak to the board regarding why they should get their vote. At the end of the 5th round of votes, Bruce Baillargeon received 2 votes, Kelly Ott received 1 vote, and Melissa Wright received 1 vote.
Dressel moved that Catherine Cranston and Bruce Baillargeon be appointed to the Somerset Board of Education through April of 2018. Colbeth seconded. Roll call vote was taken. Kurkowski - yes, Colbeth - yes, Dressel - yes, Schachtner - yes. Motion passes unanimously.
Colbeth administered the oath of office to Bruce Baillargeon and Catherine Cranston.
Dressel recessed at 9:05 p.m.
Dressel reconvened at 9:11 p.m.
Seek, Cultivate and Develop Leaders
Board of Education Goal:
No updates on the January social at this time. Discussion ensued on next steps for board goals.
Consent Agenda
Schachtner moved with a second by Colbeth to approve the consent agenda. Motion passed unanimously.
General Information
The art class will be in the newspaper this week for their work that will be displayed in the medical examiner's office. There is also a video on the county website.
Colbeth moved with a second by Kurkowski to adjourn at 9:17 p.m. Motion passes unanimously.
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