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VILLAGE OF SOMERSET: 1/23/18 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 - 11:25pm

Regular Meeting of the Village of Somerset
Board of Trustees - Minutes
January 23, 2018
Village Hall, 110 Spring Street, Somerset, WI 54025
President Melvin called the regular meeting to order at 6:32 p.m. Present: John Melvin, James Chandler, Bartt Palmer, Ali Peterson, Ron Hill and Tony Lueck. Absent: Ryan Sicard. Also present: Village Attorney, Anders Helquist; Dave Schofield, MSA and Robert Gunther, Public Works Director
Public Comment on Agenda Items: No public comments.
Minutes: Motion by Lueck, second by Chandler to approve meeting minutes for December 21, 2017 and motion carried.
Committee Reports:
PUBLIC WORKS: Project updates: - Dave Schofield highlighted areas on MSA's update report. Well #5 - February will have a kick off meeting with staff and board members. Parks - Village posted a community survey on their website to gather public input. There were 55 responses. Water Tower #2 - MSA has been working with KLM to finalize the design and construction services for the repairs. Discussion/Possible Approval–Pay request #5 For Frances Street:
Motion by Palmer, second by Chandler to approve Pay request #5 which is the final payment on Frances Street project to A-1 Excavating in the amount of $11,592.87 and motion carried.
PUBLIC SAFETY: Discussion/Possible Approval-Revisions to Sec. 10-4-3 All-Terrain and Utility Terrain Vehicle Route Ordinance: Helquist stated that this amendment will have a one year trial run. The original trial date expired May 16, 2018. With the amendment to the route the new trial run will expire January 23, 2019. He also reminded the board that if any issues come forward during the trial run, they can always revisit the ordinance and make changes to the route. Motion by Melvin, second by Lueck to approve the ordinance amendments A-646 as presented and motion carried. Roll Call - 5 Yes, 1 No and 1 absent. Palmer stated he opposes this for couple of reasons. There wasn't a public hearing for those living in the area to give their opinions and he is not in favor of the route going through residential area. John stated that this is considered a business route which is used as a truck route already. Palmer would like to see Depot Street and Cloutier Street changed from being a truck route once the intersection on Main Street is constructed. Palmer mentioned to the board that there has already been an incident on La Grandeur that destroyed property involving an ATV. He also mentioned that the board is moving forward without the recommendation of the Police Chief and Economic Development Director. John stated that from the police report 90% of the damage was not from the ATV but from a truck. Discussion/ Possible Approval-Revisions to Sec. 7-1-9 Wild, exotic and dangerous animals; pit bull dogs: Nothing to be discussed. Discussion /Possible Approval-Speed sign on Hud Street: Melvin stated that a resident that lives along Hud Street was at the Public Safety meeting requesting to have a speed sign put up. There have been vehicles going fast on that road. Gunther stated he can put one up and that there used to be one up there years ago. Discussion/Possible Approval-2017-2018 operator license for Hope Chovan - (Moved forward from unfinished business) Motion by Melvin, second by Peterson to go with Chief of Police recommendation to deny the operator license and motion carried.
PLAN COMMISSION: Discussion/Possible Approval- Extra Territorial Plat Review- Certified Survey Map for Hubert and Brenda Daniels located at 487 184th Ave: Melvin stated that they are splitting 5 acres from their 15 acres. Motion by Melvin, second by Chandler to approve the Extra Territorial Plat Review for 487 184th Ave. and motion carried. Discussion/Possible Approval-Conditional Use Permit for Olson Sanitation at 733 190th Ave. (3.3 Acres): Melvin stated that this business will not be storing any waste and used mainly for office space and to repair vehicles. Clerk notified the board that Steve Olson agreed to the conditions on the Conditional Use Permit. Motion by Melvin, second by Hill to approve the Conditional Use Permit for Steve Olson and motion carried. Helquist advised the board to add to the motion that there won't be any solid waste on the site. Melvin amended the motion to add to the conditional use permit "No solid waste shall be stored on the site", seconded by Hill and motion carried. Discussion/Possible Approval-Conditional Use Permit (C.U.P.) for Christopher Marshall at parcel 181-4121-00-000: Melvin asked Chris Marshall if he had any issues with the C.U.P. Marshall had no issues with the C.U.P. and stated that he has a DNR representative that will be making site visits. At these site visits the DNR will be documenting the condition of the property, soils, etc. They will also be working with his engineers. Marshall also mentioned that the DNR requires that everything on the sorting floor at the end of the night will be in the transfer trailer or the appropriate designation area. The DNR can walk in unannounced any time to check on him and the same with the Village. Melvin pointed out to the board that under part II of the C.U.P. the review process will be stringent. Helquist requested that under #14 strike out on the first sentence "according to Village ordinance" and to correct a couple of spelling errors. Marshall mentioned that he will not have any residential waste or garbage but in the future may use a chipper to get rid of green waste and wood. Motion by Melvin, second by Chandler to approve the Conditional Use Permit for Chris Marshall / Apostle Bio Mass as presented with the exception to the corrections made to #14 and motion carried.
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Memo updates – Board Members reviewed the update.
FINANCE: Discussion/Possible Approval - Public Works new hire: Melvin stated that Benjamin Neumann fits all the criteria and he was recommended at the Committee level. Motion by Melvin, second by Palmer to accept Benjamin Neumann as a new hire for public works and motion carried. Discussion/Possible Approval- 2018- 2019 Police Contract: Melvin requested that this be taken off the agenda. Nothing to report. Discussion/Possible Approval–Budget Resolution 2017-09: Melvin request to take off Agenda will not need a resolution. Discussion/Possible Approval - MSA Proposal for Comprehensive Plan Amendment: Melvin stated that there was property considering annexing into the Village but the comprehensive plan land use portion was too specific for them. This proposal is for MSA to review and update the Comprehensive Plan. Motion by Melvin, second by Palmer to approve MSA's task order and not to exceed $5,000.00 and motion carried.
FIRE/RESCUE: Fire Chief Belisle provided the December report. Palmer stated that the Fire Department is happy with the new SCBAs.
CLOSED SESSION: Convene to closed session as per ss 19.85 (1) (e) discuss strategies regarding negotiating the sale of Village property: Motion by Melvin, second by Lueck to go into closed session regarding negotiating the sale of Village property and motion carried. Roll Call- All members voted yes.
OPEN SESSION: Reconvene to open session to discuss or take action if necessary on closed item: Motion by Melvin, second by Lueck to reconvene to open session and motion carried. No action was taken on closed session item.
NEW BUSINESS: Discussion/Possible approval - Committee Appointments: Melvin appointed Ron Hill to fill the Public Safety Committee Chairman Position and the Board of Review position. No one was appointed as the St. Croix Bike and Pedestrian Trails Coalition Member. He appointed Bonnie Luzinski as Election Inspector and Dave Wolner as Fire Commission member. Motion by Palmer, second by Chandler to accept the appointments as presented and motion carried. Reschedule February Village Board Meeting: Rescheduled for February 28, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.
VILLAGE, WATER AND SEWER BILLS: Motion by Melvin, second by Lueck to approve the Village, Water and Sewer bills in the amount of $603,373.34 and motion carried.
ADJOURN: Motion by Chandler, second by Lueck to adjourn and motion carried. Adjourned at 8:06 p.m.
Felicia Germain, Village Clerk
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