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ST. CROIX COUNTY HIGHWAY DEPT: 2018 Weight Restrictions Notice

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - 11:23pm

The St. Croix County Highway Department will post as required all county trunk highways that show excessive spring breakup, limiting all vehicles except tandem axle trucks to six (6) tons per axle. Vehicles with group axles spaced less than eight (8) feet apart shall not exceed a gross weight of ten (10) tons on the group, with any additional axle(s) being allowed three (3) tons each. Vehicles with group axles over eight (8) feet apart shall not exceed limits as specified for Class "B" highways.
We ask your cooperation in limiting the size of your loads on unposted roads so weight restrictions may be kept to a minimum. This is the time of the year that an eighteen-wheel truck semitrailer has a loading effect of 6,000 passenger vehicles. Weight on our roads is always a concern, but it is the most critical during the spring breakup. Posting may occur earlier than in the past and additional roadways may be posted which may not have typically been posted in the past. Please be aware and plan activities to avoid conflict with posted roadways. Let us all work together to preserve our road system, allowing us to provide the very best of transportation services throughout St. Croix County.
Please check the website: for updated weight posting information.
Thank you,
Rob Krejci
St. Croix County Highway Commissioner
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