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VILLAGE OF SOMERSET: 3/20/18 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - 11:24pm

Regular Meeting of the Village of Somerset
Board of Trustees - Minutes
March 20, 2018
Village Hall, 110 Spring Street, Somerset, WI 54025
President Melvin called the regular meeting to order at 6:31. Present: John Melvin, Bartt Palmer, Ali Peterson, Ron Hill and Tony Lueck. Absent: James Chandler and Ryan Sicard. Also present: Village Attorney, Christopher Gierhart; Dave Schofield, MSA, Robert Gunther, Public Works Director and Patrick Belifuss, Cedar Corporation.
Appreciation for SMC –Village President presented an award to Chetan Patel the Owner/CEO of SMC for thirty years in business. Melvin said that SMC is an important component to Somerset and that we are thankful that they have chosen Somerset as their place to do business. Chetan stated that SMC moved their business to Somerset in 1990 and employs over 600 people in the Somerset location. He also said that the community has been extremely welcoming and there are so many hard working families here that are their employees.
Public Comment on Agenda Items: E.J. L'Allier stated that there was a meeting held with the promoters of Northern Invasion and the Village. He explained when they met with the promoters, they gave them their Conditional Use permit. While discussing parking and use of the property on 60th Street, E.J. received negative feedback in front of the promoters regarding the use of the property for parking. This put up a red flag and concerned the promoters. The use of this property is important for this concert. EJ said it makes it look bad when the promoters are given the Conditional Use Permit to follow and then get push back on the conditions in them. E.J. stated that this was not good and questioned, why do we have a conditional use permit if we can’t use it? Hill stated he will put it on the Public Safety Agenda for next month. Hill stated that for the safety aspect of crossing the road from that parcel to the event, the Village will have to staff it. E.J. mentioned that he talked to the County Sheriff and they will staff it if the Village doesn’t have the manpower or the Chief doesn't want to deal with that aspect of the event.
Minutes: Motion by Melvin, second by Hill to approve meeting minutes for February 28, 2018 and motion carried.
Discussion / Possible Approval-TID 4 development plan by Cedar Corporation: Beilfuss presented the Development plan on TID 4. Motion by Melvin, second by Lueck to approve the TID 4 development plan as presented by Cedar Corporation and motion carried.
Committee Reports:
PUBLIC WORKS: Project updates: - Schofield stated that they are working on the design and well house for Well #5 and will need two resolutions and a proposal for the safe water loan. They will be reviewing the Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan at the Public Works April meeting. He also recommended that the Board amend the ordinance for recreation and open space in our subdivision ordinance to increase the amount of space by reducing the amount of units per acre. Discussion / Possible Approval –Pre-Qualification Questionnaire for Water Tower #2: Motion by Palmer, second by Lueck to approve the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire for Water Tower #2 and motion carried. Discussion / Possible Approval – Public Works Committee as Pre-Qualification Review Authority for Water Tower #2: Motion by Palmer, second by Lueck to approve the Public Works Committee as the Pre-Qualification Review Authority for Water Tower #2 and motion carried.
PUBLIC SAFETY: Discussion / Possible Approval - Picnic Beer license-Somerset Youth Hockey Association: Motion by Hill, second by Melvin to approve the Picnic Beer license for Somerset Youth Hockey Association and motion carried. Discussion – 2018 Concert Season: Hill stated that if the property is going to be used for parking the Village will need to staff for that. Hill advised E.J. to go forward with promoters. E.J. stated that it will be used for day parking. Melvin recommended that the Town of Somerset be notified that 60th Street will be used for the Concert. Hill would like a representative from the Town of Somerset at the next Public Safety Meeting. Discussion Pertaining to School Resource Officer position: Hill will be meeting Thursday with the superintendent of Somerset School regarding the Resource Officer position.
PLAN COMMISSION: Discussion/Possible Approval- CSM for Paul Garrity located at 509 Sunrise Drive: Motion by Melvin, second by Hill to approve the certified survey map for Paul Garrity at 509 Sunrise Dr. and motion carried. Discussion/Possible Approval- CSM for well #5: Motion by Melvin, second by Lueck to approve the Certified Survey Map for Well # 5 and motion carried. Discussion/ Possible Approval- Whispering Pines North III Development Preliminary Site Plat: Motion by Melvin, second by Lueck to approve Whispering Pines North III Preliminary Development Site Plat and motion carried.
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Board members reviewed memo update.
FINANCE: No Finance meeting.
FIRE/RESCUE: Fire Chief Belisle stated they are working on Pea Soup days and pancake breakfast; getting ready for concert and will be selling raffle tickets.
CLOSED SESSION: Convene to closed session as per ss 19.85 (1) (e) discuss strategies regarding negotiating the sale of Village property which is required for competitive and bargaining reasons: Motion by Melvin, second by Lueck to go into closed session regarding negotiating the sale of Village property and motion carried. Roll Call- All members voted yes.
OPEN SESSION: Reconvene to open session to discuss or take action if necessary on closed session item: Motion by Lueck, second by Peterson to reconvene to open session and motion carried. Motion by Melvin, second by Lueck to accept the Purchase agreement for Jeffrey Egan contingent on the name change to a corporation with the state of WI and motion carried.
UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Committee appointments for St. Croix Bike and Pedestrian Trails Coalition Member: Melvin appointed Laine Belter as a member to represent the Village for St. Croix County Bike & Pedestrian Trail Coalition meetings. Motion by Palmer, second by Peterson to approve appointment of Laine Belter representing the Village at the St. Croix Bike and Pedestrian Trail Coalition meetings and motion carried.
VILLAGE, WATER AND SEWER BILLS: Motion by Melvin, second by Lueck to approve the Village, Water and Sewer bills in the amount of $264,896.66 and motion carried.
ADJOURN: Motion by Melvin, second by Lueck to adjourn and motion carried. Adjourned at 8:22 p.m.
Felicia Germain, Village Clerk
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