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VILLAGE OF ROBERTS: 9/10/18 Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 - 11:28pm

MONDAY, September 10, 2018 - 7:00 PM
Regular Village Board Meeting Agenda
Report of Meeting Notification
Approval of Minutes of August 13, 2018
Approval of Treasurer's Report
Public Concerns
I. Department Reports
A. Report from Police Department
B. Report from Director of Public Works
C. Report from Library Director
D. Report from Municipal Judge
1. Status of hiring for Clerk of Court position.
II. Committee Reports and Recommendations
A. Park Board
B. Plan Commission
1. Building Inspector Report
2. Discussion/Approval of Business Plan of Operations for Ashley Ren's Photography.
3. Discussion/Approval of Extra-Territorial for Keith & Karen Solimar, 1144 70th Avenue, 2-lot CSM located in government lots 5 & 6 of Section 28-including part of lot 1 CSM filed in Vol. 20, Pg. 5143 Doc 815783, Joseph Granberg, G/S Land Solutions.
4. Discussion/Approval of Extra-Territorial for Keith & Karen Solimar, 1144 70th Avenue, 2-lot CSM located in government lot 5 of Section 28, Joseph Granberg, G/S Land Solution.
5. Discussion regarding Mobile Home Park and allowing Park Model Homes into the Mobile Home Park.
6. Discussion/Approval of forming a Sidewalk Committee for future planning of sidewalk projects for the Village.
7. Discussion of Comprehensive Plan and potential updates that need to be made to the plan.
C. CDA Board
1. LED Retrofit to Business Park Sign
D. Finance Committee
1. First Meeting is Monday, September 24, 2018 at 6:00pm
E. Public Safety Committee
F. Public Works Committee
G. Fire Association
III. Old Business
A. John Hancock and Diane May's Property Cleanup
IV. New Business
1. Employee Education Requests and Expense Reports
2. Approval of New Operator's Licenses
1. Griffin Gathercole
2. Chris Matteson
3. Dave Roos
3. Central St. Croix Chamber - Yellowstone Trail Road Race
Saturday, October 13th
4. Discussion/approval of Resolution No. 18-5R – Resolution Providing for the issuance, sale and delivery of a $3,900,000 Sewer System Revenue Bond Anticipation Note
5. Discussion/approval of Kleven Property Assessment Contract for 2019
6. Discussion/approval of sewer backup damages on Lulu Lane for Beth Fijalkiewicz
7. Review S. Division St sidewalk project bids and award project to contractor
8. Discussion on Holly Hale's existing sidewalk repair as part of S. Division sidewalk project.
9. Discussion/approval of proposal from the Hazel Mackin
Community Library regarding land adjoining the old library building on Main Street for payments for current library parking lot.
10. Payment of the Bills.
11. Other Business
12. Adjourn
Items on the agenda may not be presented in this order.
Agenda may change up to 24 hours before meeting.
Megan Dull, Village Clerk
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