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VILLAGE OF SOMERSET: 1/15/19 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 6:08pm

Regular Meeting of the Village of Somerset
Board of Trustees - Minutes - January 15, 2019
Village Hall, 110 Spring Street, Somerset, WI 54025

President Melvin called the Regular Board Meeting to order at 6:36 p.m. Present: John Melvin, Bartt Palmer, Kim Putz, James Chandler and Tony Lueck. Absent: Ali Peterson. Also present: Anders Helquist, Village Attorney; Robert Gunther, Public Works Director/ Economic Development Director, Chuck Schwartz, MSA and Kay Walsh, Library Board President.
Public Comments on Agenda Items: No public comment
Minutes: Motion by Lueck, second by Chandler to approve the December 18, 2018 minutes and motion carried.
Committee Reports:
PUBLIC WORKS: Project updates: Board members reviewed the update memo from MSA. Well #5 - The well testing will start soon. The duration of the test pumping will not be as long as anticipated. Frozen ground conditions limit test pumping duration to three days rather than 9 days. Schwartz stated that they will be meeting January 23rd with staff reviewing the well house design and hope to have approval at the February board meeting. Village Park Master Plan: There was a second community engagement meeting last month reviewing three concepts and hope to have the third and final meeting soon. Wastewater Preliminary Design- MSA is working on designs to upgrade the centrate lift station to direct flow to the decant station. Schwartz plans on having the public hearing for the Facility Plan and Facility Plan Amendment in April. 2019 Utility and Street Improvements- Schwartz plans to present the project plans and specifications to the Village for approval and bid authorization in February. Discussion/Possible Approval-Well #5 Pay Request #2: Motion by Palmer, second by Chandler to approve Well #5 Pay Request #2 to Traut Companies in the amount of $82,474.73 and motion carried.
PUBLIC SAFETY: Discussion / Possible Approval-2018-2019 Operator Licenses: Motion by Melvin, second by Lueck to approve the operator license as presented and signed by the Chief for Garrett Miller and motion carried.
PLAN COMMISSION: Discussion / Possible Approval- Big Bad Toy Store (BBTS) site plan for building expansion: Melvin stated that this was recommended for approval at the Plan commission meeting with contingencies. Schwartz stated that BBTS sent in revised plans since the plan commission meeting. Therefore, Schwartz recommends that the Board approve the revised plans contingent on BBTS entering a Long-Term Stormwater Management Operation & Maintenance Plan. Matthew McGee, the engineer representing BBTS handed the Clerk a signed copy of the agreement. Motion by Melvin, second by Putz to approve Big Bad Toy Store site plan along with the agreement signed this evening and motion carried. Discussion / Possible Approval - Ordinance A-651 for Plourde Property: Melvin stated that it was recommended for approval at the plan commission. Motion by Melvin, second by Lueck to approve the Ordinance A-651 Plourde Annexation and motion carried. Discussion / Possible Approval Certified survey map for the Somerset Library: Melvin stated that this was not recommended for approval at the Plan Commission. He asked Walsh if the Library could go forward with construction if the CSM was not approved? She stated the Architect will re-do the plan regarding the parking in order to move forward with the construction. Walsh stated that the Library Board made a motion to approve a 4' Maintenance Agreement with the Sportsmans along the library and Sportsmans property. She stated that the Library will get this drawn up. The Library Board has not notified Sportsmans that they agreed to the easement. There was much discussion regarding concerns with the CSM. Schwartz stated that there are several concerns including the encroachment of the buildings on lots 1 and 2. This encroachment on lots 1 and 2 would give the person buying lots 3 and 4 prescriptive rights to lots 1 and 2. He suggested that the building be torn down before approving the CSM, and that the Maintenance easement be sent concurrently with the CSM as a separate document. Gunther stated that the Village's determination is to protect the Village, not to prevent the Library from building. Helquist advised the board that it is required to approve, approve with conditions or deny the CSM tonight because if the board doesn't act, eventually it could be adopted by no action. He suggested if the board is looking at denying the CSM, make the motion as presented based on the reasons presented in the memo. Helquist agreed with the Village engineer having the building razed before approving CSM, especially if the parking lot will eventually be deeded to the Village. Putz understood that the library was going to bring a CSM that both the Planning Commission and Village Board were in agreement with. At no time did the Village Board agree to move forward with the funding to raze the building. That was made clear at the April meeting. At the April meeting there was discussion regarding TIF funding part of the razing, but it was explained at that time it's not possible. The Library was going to take responsibility for razing the building and the cleanup. The Library would then sell the lots and would recoup the money, with the understanding there was a CSM that we were in agreement with. Motion by Putz, second by Melvin to deny the Certified Survey map for the reasons identified in the memo and motion carried.
FINANCE: Discussion / Possible Approval - New Squad car- finance: Motion by Melvin, second by Lueck to table the financing of the Squad Car until we come up how to fund it and motion carried.
FIRE/RESCUE: Board members reviewed the December Report.
VILLAGE, WATER AND SEWER BILLS: Motion by Melvin, second by Lueck to approve the Village, Water and Sewer bills in the amount of $826,280.26 and motion carried.
ADJOURN: Motion by Chandler, second by Melvin to adjourn and motion carried. Adjourned at 7:18 p.m.
Felicia Germain, Village Clerk
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