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Kathleen Vinehout is a strong choice

Dear Editor,

There are several excellent people vying to become the Democrats' candidate for governor. My pick is Kathleen Vinehout.

She is smarthas a Ph.D in public health.

She is down-to-earthwas a dairy farmer.

She is experiencedhas been a state senator since 2007.

She is fiscally responsibleher version of the governor's budget always wrings more for our families, schools, and Main Street businesses from each hard-earned taxpayer's dollar. And for those reasons, her version is always ignored by the Republican majority.

I admire Kathleen for her grit. It isn't easy to stand up, over and over, for regular people against wealthy interests. She must get tired, frustrated, and sick of all the nonsense. But here she is again, persisting. In the name of regular people across our state, she is running for governor and I hope you will vote for her on August 14 in the primary and then, I hope, in the general election in November.

Maureen Ash

River Falls, WI 54022

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.