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Send in the marine

On Tuesday, Aug. 14th, 2018, there is a primary in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin conservatives will have to choose between two republican candidates running for the U.S. Senate seat. The GOP winner will then face off against Senator Tammy Baldwin,, democrat from Madison in November.

The question is--- Who is the best candidate to defeat Senator Tammy Baldwin? The Kenosha News says KEVIN NICHOLSON and I whole-heartedly agree. I will tell you why. Kevin Nicholson, like Senator Ron Johnson and President Trump is a political outsider. He has degrees from Harvard and Darmouth. His job is to solve problems in the business world. Just what we need in Washington! A problem solver!

Yes, he WAS a democrat , ( I admit I was one also many years ago). That should not scare you one bit. After all, some of our best common sense conservatives such as President Ronald Reagan and Vice President Mike Pence were democrats before joining the republican party. I feel it is an advantage because they have witnessed both sides of the political field.

Kevin joined the Marines and fought for our country in Iraq and Afghanistan. He loves this country and will continue the fight in Washington for our benefit and the state of Wisconsin. He knows first hand the importance of national security. He will make Wisconsin better!

Kevin Nicholson has many attributes that I admire and look for in a candidate. He is a conservative. He is pro-life. He will defend the second amendment and he believes in term limits. Kevin will work well with President Trump on fixing immigration and building the wall. Send in the Marine! Vote for Kevin Nicholson on Aug. 14th so he can help President Trump make America great and Wisconsin better.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.