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Someone's Sabotaging Signs

POLITICS, POLITICS, POLITICS.WHAT A NASTY BUSINESS. And, the tactics, sometimes, criminal. 2 large expensive signs with posts were recently removed from their spots on County UU in Hudson. The property owners were not aware of these disappearances. A report has been made with the sheriffs dept. It is theftplain and simple.

Taking political signs down can only testify that the affected candidate is likely to win, if allowed the chance. But, this tactic also casts a negative shadow on the opposing candidate. Suspicions are likely to arise in peoples minds, if his supporters think they have to resort to sabotage.

Discussing the issues and learning about the candidates is the acceptable way to work the election process. Fight with your vote, not with undermining tactics that are disingenuous to the candidates and their supporters.

Whoever you are, please return the signs in good condition to the location they were taken. Or, If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of the signs or who stole them, please call Marion Shaw at 612 940 8111 or St Croix Sheriffs Dept.

To learn about the sheriffs candidates and influence, lawfully, visit their website, organize a forum, or talk with them in person.

Shaws party is the Constitution party Click Principles

No website was found for Scott Knudson.

His party is the Republican party at (formerly the blog, on the borderline) Local, county, and state news and views, likely, not in your local paper.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.