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Not all heroes wear a cape

Bryant Midwest has honored more than 60 people over the last two years throughout the Midwest who are "Ordinary people doing extraordinary things...For their community!" Countryside Plumbing & Heating has provided the installation of two of these units to people right here in New Richmond.

A Bryant Community Hero could be a neighbor, a colleague, a friend or someone that you see who is making a positive impact. A hero demonstrates how a person with passion and determination can use their life to make a difference.

In 2015, the local hero in New Richmond was Wendy Burnett, who tirelessly volunteers for the New Richmond VFW Post #10818, her church, and every other cause that needs someone to help out. In 2016, a very thoughtful fifth grade student, Parker Nerby, nominated his teacher, Greg Kier, because he was such a supportive and talented educator. Neither of these individuals wore a cape, or even a uniform, but they touched the lives of others around them, and in return were able to be rewarded with warmth and comfort in their own homes.

Bryant Heating & Cooling, and Countryside Plumbing & Heating, are again looking to honor other inspirational individuals throughout the Bryant Midwest territory. Each hero that is selected will be recognized and provided a new Bryant furnace installed by their local Bryant dealer—Countryside Plumbing & Heating.

There is no one real definition of what makes a hero, but most tend to be unsung heroes who are quietly doing amazing work for the improvement of their community, their neighborhood or their family. Community Heroes can only be selected after being nominated by someone like you, so we encourage you to nominate an individual in our community or the surrounding area who you feel is deserving and in need of a new furnace, and needs to be recognized for their thoughtfulness.

To nominate a Hero, go to today. The deadline for nominations is Nov. 1.