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‘Celebrating a Savior’

In this photograph, Jesus, played by Trent Lokker, is surrounded by his flock. For more information about all upcoming performances by the group in the area, visit (Photo by Tom Lindfors) 1 / 2
Followers of Jesus Christ form a cross with their candles during the performance of “Celebrating a Savior” presented Sunday, Feb. 21, at Ready Randy’s in New Richmond. The Silent Messengers performed their show to two sold out houses. (Photo by Tom Lindfors)2 / 2

The Silent Messengers presented two performance of “Celebrating a Savior” Sunday, Feb. 21, at Ready Randy's in New Richmond. The second performance was added because the first had been sold out. “Celebrating a Savior” was written and directed by Jenifer Lokker and proceeds from the performances will go to Grace Place and Serenity House programs.