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Technology can help in improving a person's conditioning

Technology can be depicted as the bad guy, with kids constantly staring at their phones and people lacking the basic skills of human interaction when in a room together.

However, there is a time and a place for technology as it has also positively impacted lives in other ways. One thing we can use technology the right way for is to track our physical activity. There are a ton of different fitness apps and tracking devices out there that can put you on the right path to burning those calories.

Depending on how dedicated you are, you can start out with the most basic watch, one that only counts your steps and buzzes to let you know you need to move more. Or if you are a fitness pro, you can buy a watch with a heart rate monitor and GPS to get all the details of your workout. Make sure to do your homework and know what you want to use the watch for before purchasing a watch so that you can get one that does everything you need it to do.

Owning a fitness watch can be handy because they can let you know how much you have moved in a day, and each hour. If it's 5 p.m. and you see that you have only taken 2,000 steps — you are more likely to go out for a walk or run after work. They also can notify you if you have been too sedentary for too long — Fitbit watches track how many hours per day you get at least 250 steps in. This is because research has shown that the effects of sitting can almost be worse than smoking on the body and that if you get up and walk a few minutes each hour, these effects can be reversed. The bad news is, if you sit for eight hours straight without moving — you can't reverse those effects by hammering out a big workout later that night. While it is still good for your health to do that workout, it doesn't reverse the effects of sitting for those hours.

Another handy feature of these watches is that they let you know how many calories you burn each day. When you burn those calories, make sure you enter them in for the Million Calorie Burn, Aug. 19-25. The Centre, Edward Jones and Westfields Hospital want all who live, play or work in New Richmond to help us burn one million calories in one week. If that goal can be accomplished — they will collectively donate $6,000 to the New Richmond Pathways Committee! Be careful when looking at your watch to determine how many calories to enter though. Not all of those calories shown are active calories. For more information on the Million Calorie Burn, go to The Centre's website or look up the Million Calorie Burn on Facebook.