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Vote for Patty Schachtner

Vote for Patty Schachtner

To the Editor:

Adam Jarchow recently mailed a campaign piece claiming our rights to fly the American flag were at risk. This is similar to how he conducted himself in the primary campaign against Shannon Zimmerman. The mailer is not just over the top, its insulting to voters. Im sure hell be flooding our mailboxes with similar ridiculous claims in his quest for office. I think were all tired of that kind of rhetoric.

We need responsible, serious people representing us in the state Senate. Someone who wont use the flag and false patriotism to gin up votes. Someone who respects the people of Senate District 10, no matter their party. Someone who is thoughtful about the issues and how decisions made by our state representatives will affect the lives of the people in western Wisconsin. Patty Schachtner will get my vote for all these reasons and more.

We have real and serious issues that need to be addressed, and we should send a message to politicians like Jarchow who run a campaign by spending seemingly unlimited money on dishonest and outrageous mailers and messages. Please vote for Patty Schachtner on January 16th. Shes the adult in the room.

Kristi Grimm