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Dear Editor:

We all know what is happening in this country and to us "common people", middle class citizens, & the people that live right here in the St. Croix Valley since our last presidential election. I don't have enough room to list all the negative things but here are some.

Starting at the top, a tax bill was passed that mostly benefits the wealthy & big corporations. It also more or less does away with the Affordable Care Act, preventing millions of Americans from being able to afford health insurance. Our representative Sean Duffy and Senator Ron Johnson both voted for this bill, even though polls indicated a vast majority of Wisconsin citizens were against it.

At our state & local levels of government, our District 10 Senate member has consistently voted on bills the way our Governor insisted, instead of listening to her constituents, supporting, for example, the unnecessary Voter ID Law that indirectly eliminated many of their oppositions voters. She also supported the secret midnight passage of a state redistricting map, which has been found unconstitutional by the courts; elimination of bargaining rights for state workers; vast reductions in money for our school systems--the list goes on and on. She finally was awarded a high paying State job for her past loyalty.

So---How do we get back on track???

Let's start at the local level and work our way up by sending a message to our state representatives and on up the ladder, all the way to the White House, that enough is enough.

Join me and many others and VOTE FOR PATTY SCHACHTNER FOR STATE SENATE on January 16, 2018.

Mike O'Connell