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Bob Feidler for County Supervisor

Bob Feidler for County Supervisor

As a former County Supervisor for District 9 (the Town of Troy), I endorse Bob Feidler for that position in the April 3 election. Bob has impressed me with his exceptional background and leadership experience.

Bob has broad experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors. He served our country in uniform both active duty and as a citizen-solder for 27 years. Bob currently serves as a member of the Community Justice Collaborating Council for St. Croix County.

Our current county board seems to be very divided and Bobs presence will have a positive impact. Bob is a practical optimist with a positive approach to every challenge. He strives honestly to understand and respect differing perspectives while working toward solutions. He can be trusted to exercise prudent fiscal restraint while pushing hard to deliver the essential functions of county government.

The Board needs a fresh look. I urge you to support Bob Feidler.

Tom Hawksford

Hudson, WI