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Support Daniel Hansen

Support Daniel Hansen

To the Editor,

The second important election of this year takes place on April 3rd, next Tuesday. The first one was in January, when Democrat Patty Schachtner became the new State Senator for western Wisconsin.

My wife and I decided to put up a yard sign for Patty because she shares our positions about health care, the environment and tax fairness. We now have a yard sign up for Daniel Hansen for the same reason.

As a County Supervisor, Dan has demonstrated his commitment to those beliefs. He supported county efforts to combat opioid addiction, worked to ensure that the County Health Center was expanded and is an active member of the St. Croix County Sportsmens Alliance.

Dan has supported prudent county budgeting that resulted in a tax mill rate lower this year than last years.

We need people like Dan dedicated to preserving those things that make District 12 a good place to live and making it even better.

Please join me in voting for Daniel Hansen on April 3rd.


Chuck Rang