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Lawmaker suggests scraping proposed health care for compromise bill

House Republican Paul Ryan says Congress should scrap the proposed health care reform bill, and start talking about a compromise.

But during three appearances in Waukesha County Monday, he told fellow conservatives he didn't know how to stop Democrats from ramming through their package.

Ryan - the Janesville lawmaker who got national attention with an alternative which included tax credits - said there were both problems and misconceptions with the Democratic reform plan.

He said it would eventually eliminate private insurers as employers find it cheaper to drop coverage, pay the penalties, and let their employees go on the government plan.

Ryan also said it wasn't true that the Democratic plan includes rationing of care, or letting illegal immigrants get it for free.

But if the plan passes, Ryan said he expected constitutional court challenges to any government denials of health services.

Derrick Plummer of the Democratic National Committee said Ryan was using "fear mongering and distortions" to mislead Wisconsinites about President Obama's health principles.

Plummer said the president has repeatedly said he doesn't want the government getting between people and their doctors as insurance companies now do.