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Cell phones can now go on Do Not Call list

One of Wisconsin's most popular government programs will get even more popular today (Friday).

It's the day cell phones are being added to the state's do-not-call list for telemarketers.

You'll have until the end of August to get on the new list.

The change was approved last month in the budget repair bill.

State consumer protection director Jim Rabbitt says lots of people want this because they're tired of paying for incoming calls for sales pitches they don't want to hear.

About 1.1 million land lines are on the list.

Nobody knows how many cell numbers will be added.

But Wisconsin had about 3.6 million wireless subscribers as of last June.

Telemarketers say it's a waste. It's already against federal law for them to call cell numbers.

Jerry Cerasale of the Direct Marketing Association says the federal no-call list already takes cell phones.

Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Waunakee, says Wisconsin's law is tougher and lots of telemarketers have shown they have no problems violating it.

It's the No. 1 consumer complaint each year in Wisconsin. More than 3,200 people filed complaints a year ago.

Violators can be fined $100 a call.

To get on the list go to, or call toll-free at (866)-966-2255.