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UW's two-year colleges have 5 percent more students than last year

The University of Wisconsin's two-year colleges have about 5 percent more students than a year ago.

Preliminary figures show that more than 13,800 students are attending the university's 13 two-year schools this fall.

Karla Rabe at the Fox Valley campus says about a third of the students there are non-traditional - and they can still work and live-at-home while getting an education.

Unlike the four-year schools, tuition has not gone up for three years at the UW colleges. Rabe says the average tuition is about $2,000 less than the four-year campuses.

Meanwhile, UW officials say enrollments are expected to be about the same as last year at the four-year schools.

And some schools like Oshkosh, Green Bay and Milwaukee, expect record numbers.

Pam Harvey-Jacobs of UW-Green Bay says her campus has about 300 more students than a year ago, or about a 5 percent increase.

She also says there are 100 more adult-degree students and 75 transfers, which she chalks up to the economy.