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Big buck’s celebrity run comes to an end in Deer Park

Cinnamon Bun in his heyday. (Submitted photo)

Cinnamon Bun no longer king of the park

Last Wednesday evening, Oct. 5, Deer Park Village President Randy Olson had the sad responsibility to confirm the death of one of Deer Park’s most beloved residents, the legendary old buck that ruled the park in town for most of the last decade.

“Everyone around here was certainly attached ... it’s a shame. There’s been some debate as to how old he was. But looking at his records, it shows his date of birth as June of 2006. So he was 10 1/2 years old,” Olson said.

Though there was no official nickname for the old buck, rumor has it, Ed Burri who used to take care of him, used to bring him baked goods to which the buck apparently took a liking which led to his informal nickname, “Cinnamon Bun.”

Given that the old buck had a puncture wound to his stomach when Olson and company found him, speculation is that he lost a dispute with a younger buck there in the park.

“We don’t know what happened exactly because no one was there to witness it, but someone noticed something wasn’t right and made the first call. Well then you know you’re on that list of calls and about six of us showed up at the same time. He was not dead when we arrived. He was severely wounded with a puncture wound to his stomach from the other deer, we assume. So we had to put him down,” said Olson.

Apparently there was some bad blood between the monarch and his younger competition.

“They had their disagreements last year. Not so much the year before because the little guy was still the little guy. But this year, the younger buck’s a slightly larger-bodied animal at 4-½ years old and he is the dominant deer down there, now he’s the man. That’s just the natural progression,” said Olson.

Cinnamon BunApparently there was a similar incident between two dominant bucks in the park some 20 years ago, according to Olson.

“It’s not the first time. We’ve tried to separate the herd, but when one runs they all follow and you can’t separate them. So there’s currently only two deer down there, one buck and one doe. Should keep everything peaceful for a while,” said Olson.

The young buck’s got big hooves to fill now that Cinnamon Bun is gone.

“I think this new young buck could turn out to be a pretty fantastic animal himself. The first three years, he wasn’t much to look at, but this year, he’s really come a long way. He just decided it was his doe,” said Olson.

A collection of racks from the old buck are currently on display at the Deer Park Public Library. Another of the old buck’s racks resides at Anchor Point Archery where a contest is underway to score the rack with proceeds from the contest being split between the winner and the village.

The old buck’s on ice at the taxidermist awaiting a final determination as to what’s next. “We all reach the end of our life. A deer in the wild doesn’t live to be 10 1/2 years old, so our old buck had a pretty good life. He was the man for a long time,” said Olson.