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Wisconsin roundup: Saudi student dies after assault at UW-Stout; Trump headed to Eau Claire; 10 more state news stories

MENOMONIE -- A UW-Stout junior from Saudi Arabia has died, one day after he was beaten near a pizza place in downtown Menomonie.

Police say they're treating the death of 24-year-old Hussain Alnahdi as a homicide, and they're asking for public tips to help find the assailant who was described as a six foot white male. Police say Alnahdi was beaten around 2 a.m. Sunday, close to when the local taverns closed for the night.

Officials say he was unconscious and bleeding before he was taken to a hospital, where he died Monday from his injuries. Leaders from both the Stout campus in Menomonie and the statewide UW-System expressed condolences to Almahdi's family in Saudi Arabia -- and System President Ray Cross said "it's difficult to find the right words in light of such a tragedy, except to express our sorrow for all that knew Hussain."


Walker to appear with Trump, Pence in Eau Claire

Scott Walker's campaign says the governor will appear with GOP White House nominee Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence in Eau Claire Tuesday.

However, Walker takes issue with Trump's claim that next Tuesday's election will be "rigged" against Democrat Hillary Clinton. In a visit to Lakeshore Technical College in Manitowoc County Monday, Walker said there are enough checks and balances to avoid concerns about the security of people's ballots.

A federal judge has told the state to make it easier for people get photo IDs to vote, even if they don't have birth certificates -- and Walker says the state has streamlined that process, making it "easy to vote" but "hard to cheat." Also Tuesday, Clinton running mate Tim Kaine has appearances planned in Appleton and Madison.


Long procession takes fallen officer home for burial

CAMERON -- A fallen deputy has been honored with a long law enforcement procession from St. Paul past his sheriff's office in Ladysmith.

A church service is planned Friday for Deputy Dan Glaze in his hometown of Cameron in Barron County. A candlelight vigil is planned Friday night in Ladysmith where Glaze served as a Rusk County officer. He was shot and killed Saturday night south of Ladysmith while checking out a suspicious vehicle near the home of the alleged killer, 43-year-old Douglas Nitek. Charges had not been filed in the case as of early Tuesday.


Wisconsin reaction to Clinton emails falls along party lines

Wisconsin's federal lawmakers follow their own party lines in responding to the FBI's latest review of Hillary Clinton's emails.

U.S. Senate Democrat Tammy Baldwin says the announcement of the probe "irresponsible" so close to the presidential election -- and Baldwin says FBI Director James Comey admits he doesn't know whether the review is significant. Milwaukee House Democrat Gwen Moore says she does not believe Clinton is the target of the probe, which is said to involve emails on former Congressman Anthony Weiner's computer involving his estranged wife -- top Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

But House Republican Glenn Grothman of Campbellsport says he's glad to see the review -- and he believes the Clinton Foundation should be part of the probe for possible financial crimes or influence peddling. The news broke as the Marquette Law School was conducting its final Wisconsin poll of the presidential race -- and the results are due out Wednesday.


Johnson denies avoiding taxes with investment

MILWAUKEE – U.S. Senate Republican Ron Johnson denied that a business investment in an Irish company is designed to avoid U.S. business taxes.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says Johnson owns almost 10 percent of DP Lenticular, a company from Dublin that says it distributes plastic sheets made by Johnson's plastics business in Oshkosh. But Johnson's election opponent, Democrat Russ Feingold, contends that Lenticular only has one employee -- a citizen of Belgium -- and it's run by a holding company from Spain that does not pay taxes.

Johnson did not have to report his investment to the IRS since it's less than 10 percent, but he did report it in his ethics statements as a senator. Johnson says the Irish company helps Pacur sell its plastics in Europe, and he pays state and federal income taxes on the dividends he receives from Lenticular.


Officer in Milwaukee police shooting death fired in sex case

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police officer Dominique Heaggan Brown has been fired for a sexual assault two days after he shot and killed Sylville Smith in mid August, which started two nights of violence.

An internal affairs probe found that the 24-year-old Heaggan Brown violated the department's core value of integrity. The former officer is scheduled to enter pleas Friday to two felony sexual assault charges and three related counts filed Oct. 20, and he's in jail with a $100,000 bond.

The charges are not related to the actual shooting, but prosecutors say Heaggan Brown was in a bar watching TV coverage of the violence when he reportedly told the sex victim he could do what he wanted "without repercussions." Milwaukee County prosecutors are still trying to decide whether the former officer should be charged for Smith's death.


After slight rise, farmers see lower milk prices for September

MADISON -- After a slight increase recently, Wisconsin dairy farmers are again getting lower prices for their milk.

The National Ag Statistics Service says the Badger State's farm price for September was $17.90 for every 100 pounds of milk produced -- 10 cents less than August, but unchanged from the previous September. Farmers have struggled with low milk prices after they reached a five year high in 2014, when Wisconsin's price was almost $27 per hundredweight.

Wisconsin's latest milk price is still 60 cents higher than what dairy farmers are averaging nationally. But California cannot say the same, as the nation's No. 1 milk producer has the lowest milk price in the country at $15.74 per hundredweight.


Gas prices slide 3 cents

MADISON -- Wisconsin's average gas price is down three cents a gallon from last week.

The automotive group AAA puts the average at $2.12, which is also nine cents under the national average. Milwaukee drivers have the lowest prices at $2.07, while the most expensive gasoline is in Eau Claire at $2.21.


Election clerks unclear on dealing with transgender voters

MADISON -- Some local clerks have asked the state Elections Commission for guidance on how to handle transgender voters whose names or physical appearance do not match the photo IDs they'll need at the polls.

Advocates say some voters have felt uncomfortable in earlier elections this year, and the Wisconsin State Journal says there are fears that transgender residents will be humiliated or turned away at the polls Nov. 8.

UCLA's Williams Institute says about 15 percent of Wisconsin's transgender adults -- or 1,200 people -- do not have updated election records or IDs that reflect the genders with which they identify now. Reid Magney of the Elections Commission says poll workers are not required to check genders on the IDs, but the cards must resemble the voter's face in a reasonable manner.

He said the main issue appears to be the names of voters -- and those who've changed them should reregister, and those with concerns should go to the state's informational website at


Sanders returning Wednesday

MILWAUKEE -- Bernie Sanders returns to Wisconsin on Wednesday to campaign for Democratic White House hopeful Hillary Clinton.

The Clinton campaign says the Vermont senator will also make a pitch for Democrat Russ Feingold, who's trying to win his U.S. Senate seat back after Republican Ron Johnson took it away in 2010. Sanders, who defeated Clinton in the April Wisconsin Democratic primary, plans a late afternoon appearance Wednesday at Turner Hall in downtown Milwaukee.

It's part of a final push by both major presidential candidates. Both Republican nominee Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence are due to be in Eau Claire Tuesday, and Clinton running mate Tim Kaine also has appearances set for Tuesday in Appleton and Madison.


Rhinelander teen murderer insists she's happy in prison

TAYCHEEDAH -- A Rhinelander teen who killed her mother and stepfather she's happy in prison, and she believes her three younger sisters are safe because their parents are dead.

Ashlee Martinson told the nationally syndicated TV show "Crime Watch Daily" her stepfather Thomas Ayres was a "monster," and she wishes people could have seen how he was -- and she also insists she feels "free" to finally express her own thoughts. The show interviewed Martinson by phone from the state women's prison at Taycheedah, and it plans to air the segment Tuesday.

Her case made national news because she used to write a blog about death stories with the pseudo name "Vampchick." She was 17 when she shot Ayres to death and stabbed her mother more than 30 times before she locked her three younger sisters in a bedroom, and fled with her boyfriend who was not charged in the deaths but was convicted of having sex with an underage girl.


New lottery director named

MADISON -- The Wisconsin Lottery is getting its third chief administrator in the last 11 months.

Cindy Polzin was named Monday to replace Pat Leshore, who left to become the head of the state Revenue Department's Enterprise Services Division. Leshore was named last December to replace Michael Edmonds, who left after 12 years running the state's instant scratch and online lottery games.

The revenue agency oversees the lottery. Polzin, a native of Pound in northeast Wisconsin, has held a number of posts in state government for the past 13 years. She'll start her new post Nov. 28.