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Wisconsin roundup: Ryan says Trump's tweets not a roadblock; Wisconsin milk prices keep dropping for farmers; 11 more state news stories

WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Paul Ryan of Janesville says he has patched up his previously tense relationship with President Elect Donald Trump.

And he tells CBS's "60 Minutes" that Trump's occasionally exaggerated tweets won't stop the two from working together. Ryan says he has spoken with Trump almost every day since the Nov. 8 election -- and the two agree that the GOP's replacement for Obamacare will include some of its most popular features, like covering pre-existing conditions.

Now that the election's over, Ryan says he's not focusing on Trump's tweets like the one last Sunday claiming he would have won the popular vote but millions didn't have their votes counted. Even with no proof, Ryan says those kinds of tweets give "voice to a lot of people who felt that they were voiceless" -- and the speaker says Trump will be an "unconventional president."


Wisconsin milk prices keep dropping for farmers

MADISON -- Wisconsin farmers continue to get less for the milk they produce.

The USDA says the average producer price was $17 for every 100 pounds of milk they produced in October – 90 cents less than both the previous month and the previous year. All 23 major dairy states had price decreases from September, and Texas farmers suffered the most with a one dollar and $0.50 decline.

Farm prices have taken a big drop in the past several years -- and one reason is the growth of alternative milk products. State Milk Marketing Board member Tina Henchley from Deerfield tells Wisconsin Public Radio that products like almond milk, soy milk, and rice milk, have become growing competitors to the dairy industry -- and Madison co-op official Dean Kallas say they're more appealing to vegan and vegetarian people and those who are allergic to dairy products.


Canadian Pacific's Holiday Train enters Wisconsin

For the 18th year, the Canadian Pacific Railroad's "Holiday Train" is entering Wisconsin Monday.

It features decorated cars and live music, while raising money for local food banks and pantries. Two trains left Canada in late November -- and one stayed in that country while the other ventured south from Montreal into the United States. On Monday, the Holiday Train enters southeast Wisconsin from suburban Chicago with appearances planned in Sturtevant and Milwaukee.

It also has stops planned Tuesday in Wauwatosa, Hartland, Watertown, and Columbus -- and Wednesday in Portage, Wisconsin Dells, Mauston, Tomah, Sparta, and La Crosse before heading into Minnesota Thursday.


Walker considers budgeting for teen prison in Milwaukee County

MADISON – Gov. Scott Walker says he'll consider state funds to build a new juvenile corrections facility in Milwaukee County, but the county would have to operate it.

County Executive Chris Abele says his goal is to stop sending any offenders to the Lincoln Hills boys' school in northern Wisconsin -- the target of federal investigations for alleged inmate abuses and civil rights violations. Counties get state aid to help pay their juvenile detention costs, but officials say they have little choice but to send their most troubled teen inmates to the state owned Lincoln Hills and its Copper Lake girls' school, both near Irma in Lincoln County.

Counties pay almost $300 per day to house offenders at both state facilities. Abele says a detailed plan for a Milwaukee facility is still being worked on, and Walker is not sure yet how much it would cost.


Madison electronic musician safe at site of Oakland fire

MADISON -- A musician from Madison is said to be "heartbroken" after he survived Friday night's fire at a converted warehouse where at least 33 people are confirmed dead.

Joel Shanahan, who uses the stage name Golden Donna, was among those performing at a electronic music dance party before the building went up in flames late Friday night. Sheriff's officials say only about one third of the structure was searched for victims as of Sunday afternoon.

And while seven of the dead have been identified, it could take weeks to identify other victims through dental records and DNA. One of Shanahan's friends, Scott Gordon of Madison, says the Madison musician had friends who remained unaccounted for as of Saturday.


Two women charged in death of boy, 7

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say a 7-year-old boy who died had been starved, burned with cigarettes, beaten and whipped with cords.

Two Milwaukee woman have been charged in the death last Tuesday of Trevion Winningham. He reportedly weighed just 44 pounds when he died. Forty-four-year-old Etter Hughes and 47-year-old Mary Martinez are charged with several counts, including child neglect.

The two women had met in prison. Trevion's 9-year-old brother is hospitalized with multiple injuries. He told investigators Martinez punched, kicked and whipped them. Hughes was found responsible for the abuse-related death of a 1-year-old child in 2003.


So much for high ratings — King vet home downgraded after death

KING -- Just six weeks after the veterans home in King had received the highest ratings given by the federal government, it's been downgraded due to the death of a 94-year-old resident.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services gave its most severe citation to the home in King. The change came after a March inspection which was conducted to determine how the man had died. The report from the inspection indicates 12 residents who might need to be resuscitated were under the care of the same nurses who failed to save the 94-year-old. A state audit will also be done.


No weekend off for workers recounting presidential election ballots

MADISON -- It wasn't a full day, but workers recounting presidential election ballots were on the job for about five-and-a-half hours Saturday in Dane County.

Dec. 12 is the deadline for recounted vote totals to be submitted the Wisconsin Elections Commission. While they were doing that job, an announcement from Green Party candidate Jill Stein ended the state court challenge of ballots in Pennsylvania. The case is being moved to a federal court there.


Reward continues for finding missing woman

PITTSFIELD -- A $17,000 reward continues for information that helps find a northeast Wisconsin missing for more than three years.

The reward for finding Victoria Propokovitz expires every 90 days -- and the Brown County sheriff's department says the family has renewed the reward. She's been missing since late April of 2013 from her home in the town of Pittsfield. Deputies say she left her purse behind as well as her cell phone, ID cards, and money.


Federal judge denies request to stop presidential election recount

MADISON -- A Madison federal judge rejected a request from Donald Trump supporters to stop Wisconsin's presidential election recount.

U.S. District Judge James Peterson has set a Friday hearing for the lawsuit, just four days before a federal deadline to resolve election conflicts. The Electoral College meets Dec. 13 to select a new president. Judge Peterson ruled the political action committees failed to prove it would suffer any harm if the recount continues while the state of Wisconsin prepares a response. Two similar suits have been filed against recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania.


Idaho man given life sentence for machete murder in Tomah

SPARTA -- A 27-year-old Idaho man will spend the rest of his life in prison, with no possibility of parole, for stabbing a man to death at a Tomah motel last year.

Prosecutors told the court Zachary Davis stabbed the victim in the back seven times with a 14-inch machete, then stole $700. Derek Magnuson was killed because he allegedly made moves on Davis' boyfriend.

Magnuson was a victim of what police say was a cross-country crime spree by Davis and Sebastian Martinez. A pre-trial conference will be held this month for Martinez, his co-defendant, who also goes by the name of Sabrina.


Internal investigation clears officer in fatal shooting

MADISON -- Madison police say an internal investigation has determined one of its officers was justified in using deadly force last July.

Officer Hector Rivera shot Michael Schumacher to death when Schumacher advanced toward him with a pitchfork in his hands. Prosecutors decided not to file charges last October.

Schumacher did have a history of mental illness, but Madison police didn't know that when the fatal shot was fired. Rivera was not in compliance with department policy when he neglected to wear his microphone for the video system in his patrol car. He was given counseling for that.


Union, campaign organizer named new state Democratic director

MADISON -- A union organizer has been named the new executive director of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Jason Sidener's appointment was announced Friday. He replaces Kory Kozloski, who's leaving the Badger State after his wife took a new job.

Sidener has spent the last 13 years with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees -- and he's now the head of political action director and member mobilization leader for a council that represents public workers throughout Wisconsin. Before that, Sidener organized campaign field operations for numerous congressional candidates including then House Democrat Tammy Baldwin of Madison.