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Team Hoyt to deliver inspirational message

Get ready for some serious inspiration.

The Rotary Club of New Richmond is sponsoring a local appearance by "Team Hoyt" member Dick Hoyt on June 17.

The event is aimed at all those who need a touch of inspiration and motivation to reach lofty goals.

Mark Devereux, a financial planner with J.A. Counter & Associates of New Richmond, is the driving force behind Hoyt's appearance.

Devereux has drawn inspiration from the Hoyt's story for several years.

Team Hoyt's story has been featured on Oprah and ESPN, among others.

Team Hoyt has been competing in marathons, triathlons and ironman triathlons in recent years.

Rick Hoyt is disabled, but Dick "lends" his son his legs and arms to race in the various competitions. Dick pushes Rick in wheelchairs, carries him on racing bikes and tows him in a rubber raft during each grueling competition.

As a team, they have completed more than 212 triathlons, 85 marathons and eight ironman competitions.

Their story is one of hard work, love and companionship.

An evening dinner and presentation is planned for Tuesday, June 17, at Ready Randy's near New Richmond.

Only a limited number of tickets are available for the Team Hoyt presentation. Tickets are $29.95, which includes the meal, but several sponsor-assisted tickets will be provided to families who cannot afford the price of admission.

The theme for the night is "Dare to Dream: The Power of Can."

It's a message that hits close to home for Devereux.

"Growing up through my formative years without a father, I took an extra interest in watching fathers and their children interact," said the Australian native. "I studied their relationships and learned much about how to and how not to father."

As a result, Devereux said he has a "deep respect" for those who embrace fatherhood and do it well.

"I have followed Rick and Dick Hoyt's amazing story for a number of years and at the end of each week, as I prepare for the week ahead, I watch one of their clips," he explained. "I cry every time and am filled with awe, emotion, gratitude and love. They have an incredible bond."

After each fresh dose of inspiration, Devereux said he stands by the bedside of his sleeping kids and renews a promise he made to himself when they were born.

"I want to be the very best dad for them that I can be," he said. "And to instill in them a belief that they can do anything they set their minds to."

Local sponsors and individuals are making Dick Hoyt's appearance possible.

Anyone wishing to help sponsor the event or purchase tickets can call Devereux at 246-8063 or Paul Mayer at 246-4332.